July 1, 2022

Essence of Email Weekly - Klaviyo introduces Klaviyo One ????

What is it all about? Klaviyo recently announced the launch of its new enterprise solution, Klaviyo One, which will help large brands unify all their customer data and drive personalized experiences. Its aim is to support the speed, complexity, and scale of large brands with high-touch support, extensive guidance from experts at Klaviyo and its deep partner ecosystem, and enterprise-grade features for user authentication and permissions.

According to Andrew Bialecki, CEO and Co-founder of Klaviyo, "Today, if you're a high-scale or high-growth consumer business, you buy and cobble together your customer technology stack with software from multiple vendors that barely integrate at all and certainly not in real time. That creates major problems — customer data and customer experiences don't talk to each other, and you end up with poor consumer experiences and frustrated internal teams. Klaviyo is the one place to get all the software, infrastructure and expertise you need to build your customer stack and scale how you delight consumers and drive revenue."

Klaviyo One's 4 key properties are:

  1. Unified platform built to unleash growth – Klaviyo One's unified platform can ingest, unify, store, query and analyze customer data, from any integrated source, from any period of time — no configuration required. Add to this reporting, predictive analytics and machine learning tools that deliver omnichannel experiences at scale.
  2. Fast and accessible to speed and execution – Automated A/B testing, reporting, revenue attribution allows you to move fast, go from idea to execution in one day, and double down on what's working.
  3. Enterprise-grade personalization that scales – From reliability to pricing to API limits, Klaviyo is changing the enterprise experience — because even enterprise-grade software should be fast and intuitive.
  4. Powerful ecosystem ready to help customers – Klaviyo One fits seamlessly into the stack you already have, with a dedicated team of e-commerce experts to set up, optimize, and troubleshoot your customer platform.
What else is up with Klaviyo? They also announced a renewed partnership with BigCommerce. For more deets, make sure to check out this article.


Litmus puts personalization at the forefront… again! ????

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The big picture: Litmus, an email marketing platform, is working hard in order to bring personalization at the forefront and increase efficiencies in workflow and creation.

In addition to the features that they introduced in March, now they launched a new Integrations Marketplace where users will easily be able to explore integrations with email providers, code editors, and other productivity tools. As a result, email marketers will be able to activate integrations in one centralised location and create more error-free emails.

As Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus puts it, "Email has never been more important than right now. At Litmus, we're helping drive email marketing results as consumers everywhere crave more personalized communication. We're enabling marketers to turn their most effective channel into an even greater brand asset."

Litmus' new updates will save time and reduce the risk of costly email errors by enabling all users, no matter their technical skills and ESP access to easily add custom tags, and preview content as they build it.

Litmus' new product updates also include:

  • Users can keep their Litmus account organized with the flexibility to restore recently deleted emails. All versions of emails — including Litmus Proof comments — can be restored for 30 days once an email campaign has been deleted.
  • Ensure the entire team has the right permission levels, including finance and billing team members, by adding a Billing Manager to access invoices and payments — without utilizing one of the Litmus paid user seats.
  • With user searching, users can easily manage large, distributed teams across sub-accounts. By searching for users, selecting multiple users, and bulk deleting, Litmus customers gain the visibility and control needed to collaborate with users across teams.
  • Streamline email testing configuration with new keyword filtering for email clients and devices. Easily add or remove email clients and devices in bulk and see how many clients you have selected, for better visibility and control.


Twitter and Shopify reveal their new partnership

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Zoom in: A few days ago, at the Cannes Lions: The International Festival of Creativity, Twitter and Shopify announced their new partnership. This partnership gives all U.S. merchants on the ecommerce platform the opportunity of going into the social network and expanding the base of potential customers.

"With our Twitter shopping ecosystem, we're investing in features that empower businesses to put their products in front of their customers and drive them to where they can make a purchase. This partnership with Shopify is an important step in helping merchants unlock opportunities to reach shoppers on Twitter at those precise moments of discovery, inspiration and consideration," said from Twitter.

They also added that in 2021, there were 6.5 billion tweets mentioning businesses globally.

The deets: Merchants can now add the new Twitter sales channel application via Shopify's app store or the ecommerce platform's admin interface, allowing them to:

  • Connect their Twitter account to their Shopify admin with a few clicks and onboard onto Twitter's Shopping Manager, the entry point into its suite of commerce tools, as well as other free tools the social network is building for professionals.
  • Automatically sync their inventory via Shopify merchants' product catalogs, avoiding the need to manually update product information on Twitter.
  • Showcase products via Twitter's Shop Spotlight or Twitter Shops, giving shoppers the ability to check out on the merchant's website.
If you want to learn more, feel free to check out this article.


The spotlight is on B2B emails

Source: TheBetterCreative
No matter whether your emails are B2C or B2B, you can definitely make sure that their design is eye-catching and engaging! As The Better Creative mentioned in their newest blog post, B2B emails most definitely don't need to be boring.

The email that they created for their client Car and Truck Remotes (scroll up!) is a proof that emails can be both fun and professional. The animated hero image will definitely grab your attention and inform you of the upcoming 4th of July sale! There is such a nice balance of colors and plus, with the zig-zag product block, you really get a nice-looking email!

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