Easily migrate your Email platform

Changing email marketing platforms to match your business needs? We'll make the move smooth like butter.
As your brand grows, you may realize that your current email marketing platform or ESP isn't the best fit for your goals. Yet, it's often a daunting and tedious task to move over all your email subscribers, templates, automations, and data from one email platform to another.

That's where we come in. With dozens of email platform migrations under our belts, we know exactly how to make that process incredibly painless, fast, and seamless for you.
Email Automation & Content Migration
Moving your existing email automations across to your new email marketing platform is critical to maintain your revenue stream. We'll help transfer all mission critical email content with seamless compatibility with the destination platform.
Subscriber Data Transfer
Your subscriber data profile is the lifeblood of effective email segmentation and targeting. We work with you to transfer your subscriber data in the optimal manner, and conserve historically relevant data points for future use.
Deliverability Configuration
A new email marketing platform necessitates a new deliverability setup. With proper IP and domain warm-up and deliverability records configuration, we'll get you pristine email deliverability right out of the gate.
Integrations & Customizations
Your new email marketing platform doesn't live in a vacuum. We'll get your existing technology stack integrated into your destination ESP so that you can unlock the power of new features.
Email Marketing Platform Migration Package
An Error-Free Migration
Problem: Any major technology platform migration is difficult, and is rife with potential costly mistakes.

Solution: We have battle-tested migration playbooks for all the major email marketing platform combinations. Coupled with our strict quality assurance checkpoints and checklists, we will get you moved over with minimal errors.
Minimize Disruptions to Your Email Marketing
Problem: The migration transition period can cause lengthy downtime where your regular email marketing messages are paused.

Solution: Reducing down-time is a core part of your custom migration plan. We'll execute against this migration plan in a very structured manner so you can get up and sending ASAP.... well ahead of your critical high season!
Offload the Heavy Lifting
Problem: Email marketing platform migrations require a ton of big and small tasks. In total, this ends up taking up way too much of you and your team's valuable time.

Solution: While we cannot take absolutely every task off your team's hands, we certainly will take care of the majority of the heavy lifting. This way you and your team can devote their time doing what they do best, rather than get stuck managing the migration minutiae.
Maximize Your New Platform Potential
Problem: Simply swapping one email marketing platform for another was never your goal. You want to take advantage of all the cool features in the new platform right out of the gate.

Solution: When we conduct your migration, we are not just aiming to copy over everything and achieve parity. We also aim to get your configured to fully take advantage of the powerful new features of your new email marketing platform.
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