Bulletproof your email deliverability

Deliverability Setup and Monitoring for Your Business
Maintaining high email deliverability is absolutely crucial for your email marketing effectiveness. Yet, the deliverability landscape is always shifting, and it's difficult to keep up with the changes that could tank your delivery rates overnight.

That's why we provide deliverability setup and monitoring services so you can always rest easy and get on with your creative email marketing campaigns.
Deliverability Ranking Factors
We audit your entire email program and infrastructure based on our proprietary Deliverability Ranking Factors algorithm to map your deliverability health.
Domain & IP Strategy
Having the right sending domain partitions as well as sending IP configurations is key to establishing a strong foundation. We help you strategize the ideal setup for your business.
Blacklist & Malicious Alerts
Phishing, spoofing, spam bots, and other attacks by malicious actors can really damage your brand. We provide ongoing monitoring of such attempts so you can defend against them.
The technical setup of authentication records can get confusing. We'll help you clean up and optimize your deliverability records setup, so that you always pass authentication filters.
Inbox Deliverability Package
Deliverability Factors Audit
Problem: You want to know where you stand currently with your inbox deliverability. Perhaps some customers have complained about getting your email in spam, or you've seen some trouble trends with open rates.

Solution: We provide a comprehensive initial deliverability audit to analyze your current email deliverability health score and specific actions to take to improve.
Optimize Your Deliverability Configuration
Problem: You're not quite sure if your technical deliverability configurations are set up properly.

Solution: We'll analyze your email marketing patterns and business situation to construct and implement the optimal deliverability setup for you, be it dedicated IPs, domain segregation, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, email content, segments, or anything else related to deliverability.
Continuous Monitoring & Alerts
Problem: Maintaining great deliverability takes time, effort, and know-how. You want to make sure you keep up good inboxing rates, but don't have the resources to do this in-house.

Solution: Our continuous deliverability monitoring service takes this responsibility off your plate. We utilize a set of first and third-party tools, along with manual expert reviews each month to make sure your inboxing delivery rates are top-notch. We also have a series of alert systems in place in case any deliverability problems or suspicious activities pop up.
Fixing Your Inboxing Problems
Problem: You know you are having moderate to severe deliverability issues. Maybe your emails all of a sudden start all getting routed to spam and you need to fix this as quickly as possible.

Solution: Prevention is always easier than cures, but our team of experts will come up with a tactical plan to get your emails back into the inbox, and also aim to fix the root causes so you can keep out of the inboxing doghouse in the future.
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