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Custom Retention Metrics for Your E-commerce Brand
Elevate your e-commerce email and SMS reporting with us. Our specialized service unpacks the wealth of data in your store, creating custom metrics reports that make sense of your performance. We don't just measure, we guide you in understanding what those metrics mean, crafting data-driven strategies to advance your e-commerce operations.
In-Depth Analysis & Action Plan
Get the data analysis that turns raw numbers into prioritized, data-driven action plans highlighting high-potential wins for your business.
Customized Reports
Our custom-made reports tailored to your brand's specific needs pull together information from all your channels and platforms and consolidate all your key data in one place.
Consultation & Support
From your initial consultation, our data analysts are on hand to answer your questions and provide expert guidance. We collaborate with your team to craft reports that best fit your needs.
Accessibility and Ease of Use
We're committed to making your life easier by presenting complex data in a clear accessible format. But it doesn't stop there, our team is always ready to clarify any queries.
Your Data Strategy Power Pack
One-Stop Dashboard for All Email/SMS KPIs
Problem: Standard ESP reports lack the necessary customization and detail to reflect the unique nature and key metrics of your business accurately.

Solution: Our Metrics Reports solve this issue by integrating all your email KPIs into one comprehensive, easy-to-understand sheet with customized dashboards, showing what matters the most to your business model.
Your List Growth Tracking Compass
Problem: Traditional list growth monitoring often overlooks crucial insights and fails to provide a detailed real-time understanding of your subscriber dynamics.

Solution: Our reports empower you with precise list growth tracking, presenting all vital metrics in an intuitive singular view, enabling you to effectively monitor and strategize your subscriber engagement.
Email Engagement Map & Action Plan Suggestions
Problem: It's challenging to prioritize tasks and gain actionable insights from email engagement metrics without draining resources. Additionally, consolidating data from multiple platforms and channels makes seamless decision-making difficult.

Solution: Our enhanced report, with manual analyst review, transforms data into a clear, tailored action plan. By integrating diverse first-party data sources you'll get customized Metrics Reports, with comprehensive insights on conversion metrics and visibility on potential conflict points.
Effortless Email Flow Optimization: Actionable Metrics
Problem: Monitoring and optimizing automated email flows can be time-consuming, making it difficult to identify top-performing flows and detect any issues impacting their effectiveness. Without a consolidated view of metrics, it's challenging to make data-driven decisions for optimization.

Solution: With our Metrics Reports you'll gain a comprehensive view of key performance metrics, easily identify top-performing and underperforming flows, and optimize your campaigns with actionable insights.
Connecting All Your Platforms In One Place
Our reports are as versatile as your business. Depending on the platform each report can have a unique look or different sections. But don't worry if you don't see your platform below - let us know, and we'll dive in to research the best options for your needs.
If you are ready to explore working together, just find a time at your convenience on our scheduler or email us directly at [email protected]. We look forward to connecting with you!
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