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What We Do

We build innovative email marketing programs to help eCommerce brands sell repeatedly. With 7 years of experience and 300+ happy clients in the USA, Canada, and Australia, we have the data, the experience, and the team to execute the most lucrative email marketing strategy to help brands grow.

We might not be a big company, but we are absolute professionals when it comes to email marketing. There is no unsolvable task or campaign. We deal with all challenges with knowledge, expertise, collaboration, and creativity. By doing that, we back every decision up with our team's values.

Do You Share Our Values?

Champion’s Heart

We constantly level up our game. We do excellent work because performance matters. We are resourceful because every problem can be solved.

Helper’s Hand

We build people up rather than tear them down. We always look for the win-win solution. We are an inspiration to others through our words and actions.

Thinker’s Mind

We speak our minds respectfully. We make our own judgments and we back them up with sound evidence. We remain curious and keep on learning.

Perks and Benefits

Remote Company, International Team

Although our headquarters are in Texas, all employees actually work remotely from the coziness of their own home, saving time on commuting. We are a team of people with diverse backgrounds, and employees are empowered by cooperating with international professionals.

Learning Opportunities

We pride ourselves on our constant will to learn and develop. Our staff regularly attends training sessions and bootcamps that help them develop their skills.

Our team levels up their game through training and useful practice examples. And the best thing? It’s a part of your everyday work!

Vacation Plan

Although we work remotely, we are aware that days off are important for mental health. This is why we established a great days-off plan granting you 18 days for national holidays and personal use, and up to 25 vacation days, making up a total of 43 days off per year.

Meet Our Team


Xiaohui “X” Wang
Heath Weaver
Managing Director

Brand and Growth

Monika Gaberova
Marketing Associate
Tiana Micevska
Sales and Marketing Associate
Marija Jevtić
Brand Associate

Human Resources

Nina Ratkajec
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Robertina Dishlijeska
Talent Engagement Specialist

Client Services

Marija Pajković
Head of Strategy
Dejan Georgiev
Team Lead
Sara Ratkajec
Data Analysis Expert
Goran Lazarov
Project Manager
Tanja Balog
Project Manager
Vladimir Bosheski
Email Expert
Ana Fekete
SMS Expert
Danica Tešić
Email Expert
Marija Panova
Email Expert
Sara Ćulibrk
Email Expert
Liz Sojo
Email Expert
Jovana Vuković
Technical Lead
Vladimir Jovanovski
Technical Lead
Mitko Sekulovski
Technical Lead
Vladimir Nikolov
Technical Lead
Bojan Petrović
Technical Lead
Elena Kosturanova
Technical Lead

Creative & Support

Katelyn Peters
Grace Harding
Sophie Johnson
Maja Stojanović
Communications Expert
Miloš Rakić
Quality Assurance Lead
Milica Savković
Quality Assurance Lead
Petar Mladenovik
Armin Avdić
Miloš Đukanović
Marija Perović
Executive Assistant
Bojana Nešković
Financial Analyst


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