NOVEMBER 11, 2016

20 Examples of Fantastic Survey Email Copywriting

There are lots of ways to survey your customers, and one of the most popular and effective ones is via survey emails. Among the largest benefits of sending a survey email invitation is scale – you're just one click away from gaining insight into potentially your entire customer base! However, this requires that your respondents actually open, read, and click your email.

Regardless of the audience type, the copy in your survey email plays a key role in persuading your targeted respondents to complete your survey (average response rate for surveys sent via email is around 30%).

We've compiled some samples of great survey email copy below:

1. BarkBox

Remember to write about how important the respondents' feedback is and how it will help you improve your product or service. Including an image and using bright colors is an effective way of attracting your customers' attention.
2. Artifact Uprising

The percentage of clicks increases if you give your audience a good reason for responding and explain why it is vital that they should participate. Give them an incentive, such as a bonus or a discount.
3. Bonobos

Make the copy personal, yet short and simple. Show that you value your recipients' time.
4. Headspace

Headspace gets straight to the point because they know what people usually think about surveys. They tried to test whether the recipients would want to answer their questions out of curiosity if they promised that it wouldn't be boring.
5. Email on Acid

Sometimes, plain style with no images is the way to go. However, don't forget to include a CTA button.
6. Villy Custom

This copy includes clear, step-by-step instructions of what the recipients are expected to do, as well as nice-looking images of the product.
7. Anthropologie

This is a nicely-styled copy that sounds conversational and includes an incentive of 15% off for taking 5 minutes of your time.
8. Kate Spade New York

This email sequence stands out because of its bright background, eye-catching font, and a polite tone of voice. It also creates a sense of urgency (''And hurry! Only a few days left to do it.'') and offers 25% off the next purchase.
9. Torrid

The black & white style of the email makes it look fashionable and unique, and the chance to win a big prize helps stimulate clients to take the survey.
10. Piperlime

This copy is aimed at creative people. It's one more effective option for apparel & clothing.
11. Bluefly

This survey invitation warns the recipients in advance about the estimated amount of time they are going to spend on the survey. This helps shape expectations and avoid friction.
12. King Arthur Flour

The copy below speaks volumes about the main benefits of the ideal survey. It's short, includes a reward, and reminds the user about the products of the company.
13. Dropbox

For certain kinds of services, it's better to use a professional style and deliver your message to the customers in a concise and short form.
14. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch's invitation is highly personal, minimalistic, and not "salesy". It fully communicates the core values of the company.
15. Jack Spade

Creative styling together with honesty (''We're willing to pay'') is always an effective combination.
16. YPlan

This copy depicts the common phrase "We are eager to know what you think" with the image that shows multiple people.
17. Moosejaw

The black & red example below looks quite aggressive, but that's why it may stand out from all other emails in the prospect's inbox.
18. Purina

The copy of this email sounds cozy and the image of a cute dog makes the survey irresistible.
19. Diamond Candles

This email emphasizes the mutual value which unites the seller and the buyer.
20. Expedia Travel

In some cases, only two options are enough. Make it fast. Simply "Yes" or "No".

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