January 24, 2020

Essence of Email Weekly - $15-billion growth in Mobile marketing market size

According to a recently released research report, the size of the global mobile marketing arena is expected to grow from $10.5 bn in 2019 to $25 bn by 2024, with a year-over-year growth of 18.9% during the forecast period.

The main factors driving the mobile marketing industry are the growth of social media and advertising, and increased use of mobile devices, mobile web, and mobile applications.

Small and medium businesses are taking advantage of the current mobile technology, where they find marketing through SMS as one of the most cost-effective channels. Not to mention the effectiveness of 85% open rate within 5 minutes of receiving an SMS.


Dive in the 2020 email marketing trends

During the course of 2019, email proved its worth and strengthened its place at the throne of the marketing kingdom. What's important to keep in mind is that it will remain there in 2020. With its ability to reach vast groups of customers across the world, email remains one of the most effective marketing channels.

However, everything that lasts for such a long time is certain to go through modifications. With the start of the new decade, we have to keep in mind the important updates in order to meet customers' expectations.

Last week, Elastic Email (the email marketing platform) released their views on the trends for 2020. Check out their blog to learn more. For additional information, here's another take on what will be hot in the upcoming year.Take a look at some of the suggestions below.


1. Dark email designThe dark design is a fresh trend that is very likely to attract users to open, scroll, and click around emails. Providing a feeling of cleaner and neater design, it's definitely a good pick for late-night scrollers. What is more, it's a true battery lifesaver.

2. 3D graphicsThis will definitely give emails a new dimension. A good 3D graphic design will highlight the main marketing message and breathe new life into product feeds. Check out this article on everything you need to know about 3D graphics.

3. Isometric imagesA great and effortless solution for 3D designs that will gain even more popularity in 2020. Basically, this means placing the design elements under a 30-degree angle, which gives images a 3D representation on a 2D surface. Sounds like a way to go!


1. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)With AMP, you can create interactive and dynamic content like product carousels, animations, accordion features, or even small surveys embedded in your email. Users can take all the necessary actions directly through the inbox without being redirected to a website. Sleek, huh? Not to mention the support by Gmail, Mail.ru, and Outlook.Check out this useful article + a great podcast about AMP for emails.

2. AutomationsYes, it is true that automations have been around for some time now. However, there's always room for improvement – and drastically improving the automating processes will stay at the top of the technology trends in 2020!

AI, machine learning, managing the same user across different channels – just imagine the integrated and immersive customer experience the automations will offer.

And the best part is that it's all set up just once and applied everywhere you want.

3. Cross-channel integrationIn 2020, the cross-channel concept is very likely to evolve and cover not only email and social media but also other apps that track customer behavior – for example, geolocation.

How cool is it to receive a notification from your favorite shop about a current sale at the same time you're passing by?! Take my money!


CRM & Email Marketing Predictions for 2020 [eBook]

As we mentioned above, email is an old dog that never fails to surprise us with even more new tricks. If you are up for a more thorough and amazing email marketing read, this eBook contains Justuno's and Klaviyo's expert views on the modern strategies they'll use to help brands establish the most effective approach to email marketing in 2020.


What's new with the companies?

The omnichannel marketing platform that used to be an email-only platform, Omnisend, announced that they will expand their operations to where 75% of their customers are located – the USA. The General Manager will be a well-established person from the eCommerce world and the co-creator of Shopify Plus, Jamie Sutton. The office will be located in Austin, Texas, in addition to offices on the East and West Coast.


A2P SMS report

According to the Global A2P SMS Market Report 2020, the A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS market was valued at US $40 bn in 2015 and is estimated to reach US $62 bn by 2025.

Basically, A2P SMS is a message sent from an application, typically a web app, to a mobile subscriber. This market has grown quickly and had a positive adoption in the past year. It will keep growing in the upcoming years.

Media & Entertainment, Travel & Transport, and the Retail industry are the major drivers of A2P SMS and the key industries to take advantage of new marketing and promotional channels and technologies to drive their growth. A2P SMS has proven to be a game-changer as a new channel for revenue for them.


Email design inspo of the week

Minimalism is always in. The clean, fresh, and minimalistic design seems to be working for the Food 52 brand! While there's plenty of bright, flashy, experimental email design emerging as well, we believe that nothing beats a minimalistic approach.

The most impressive thing is that Food 52's emails are 84% mobile optimized. Go, go Food 52!


Email copy inspo of the week

This week's copy inspo is another foody email by emeals. In this email, they nailed the copy with their meal plan. Additionally, they included a few blog posts centered on one topic with a small description for each one.

This email features a great copy and a nice design. However, there's more! A great addition to this is emeals' subscriber focus and the way they encourage the customers to meet their goals in the upcoming period.


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