february 25, 2022

Essence of Email Weekly - Text message marketing joins the owned marketing list

Tobi Lutke, the CEO of Shopify, published on Twitter: "Email lists and [your] website are the two only things you can own on the Internet. Everything else is just rented."

In 2020, text message marketing is joining the club! SMS marketing is now becoming the new way to turn "window shoppers" from your eCommerce shop into loyal customers who return again and again.

Marketers once believed text messaging would annoy customers. However, when Privy's newest customers proved that theory wrong, Privy Text was born. Considering the impressive open rates of 90%+, this is not surprising!

As published on their website, "In today's crowded, noisy marketplace, it's hard to be heard. While there's still no substitute for building an engaged email list, the best eCommerce entrepreneurs and marketers are constantly looking for new ways to get an edge over their competition. Or, the 800-pound gorilla in the room: Amazon."

Their new feature has also been published on Product Hunt.

You can also take a look at their case study of three brands who nailed text message marketing.

On a similar note, at Essence of Email, we recently published the success story of our client from the fashion industry who jumped from $0 to $40K in revenue in under a month with the help of SMS marketing.


What's new in companyland?

This week, Attentive, the personalized mobile messaging platform, announced their integration with Kustomer, an omnichannel customer service platform for enterprise companies.

Using real-time behavioral data, Attentive automatically sends behavior-based messages to each subscriber at specific steps of the customer lifecycle, such as cart abandonment reminders, welcome drip, and post-purchase messages.

Through this integration, retail and eCommerce brands can ensure their customers are getting the best support possible, whenever and wherever they need it. By integrating Attentive with Kustomer, customer support teams will be empowered to engage customers in personalized, efficient, and effortless conversations via text messages.

Attentive has found that brands who quickly respond to shoppers' inquiries received via text messages are driving 31% more revenue from customers vs. those who do not receive replies. This also leads to fewer text message opt-outs from customers who receive replies vs. those who do not.

As published in one of our previous editions, a fast-growing mobile startup, Attentive, raised $70 million in a Series C funding co-led by Sequoia and IVP, with participation from prior investors Eniac Ventures and NextView Ventures.


Millions of videos are now available for use across marketing campaigns

Playable, the platform designed to make it super easy to add short video clips to email campaigns, partnered up with iStock by Getty Images – a leading global source of visual content for small and mid-sized businesses. They launched a collection of millions of royalty-free stock videos for marketers to add to their email marketing campaigns.

"Marketers send over 100 billion permission-based emails every single day, because email delivers the highest return-on-investment of any marketing channel," said Bob Hitching, CEO at Playable. "Our stock video library now allows marketers to supercharge the engagement and ROI of those emails by adding and customizing video content from iStock by Getty Images."

Marketers can easily search, license, and edit video content, all through the Playable platform. The AI-powered video editor allows customers to customize a video for their specific marketing objectives and then add it to an email campaign that is delivered through email service providers including Mailchimp, Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe, Campaign Monitor, and dozens of others. Playable's patented technology uniquely delivers the video in high-quality resolution to over 98% of email recipients.

For more information visit shutterstock.playable.video.



The Language Effect – The book that shows why killer copy is the new marketing superpower

This week, Parry Malm, CEO and co-founder of Phrasee, published a book named The Language Effect. The hard copy, as well as eBook, looks at the significant impact that copy has on a brand's marketing campaigns.

Written for both senior marketers and early adopters who aspire to be the game-changing leaders of the future, the book explains how advanced technology is redefining language as we know it. It covers everything from what makes marketing language fail to the formula that measures the revenue impact of The Language Effect; it also talks about the light bulb moment that inspired the launch of Phrasee in 2015.

As stated on Phrasee's website, 300 million people worldwide have received an email with a Phrasee-generated subject line. Recently, Molly Prosser, eBay's former creative director, stated that "Technology like Phrasee is to copywriting what Photoshop was to design."

The eBook can be downloaded for free on the official website; it is also available as a hard copy.

Take a look at the full publication by Yahoo! Finance.


Have you prepared your Spring Sales email campaigns?

Spring is less than a month away! Take a look at this article by Campaign Monitor and get inspired by 60 spring-themed subject line examples.

We're only revealing 10 of them – you can find the rest on their website.

1. Nordstrom: Your spring-getaway packing list (for real-life budget)
2. Food52: Grill pans, egg cups + more Easter brunch helper-outers.
3. Maurice's: Lucky You! We're Giving You Two Great Deals
4. Gordon's Jewelers: Lucky Break Save $25 Off Any Purchase $150 or More
5. Five Below: Last Minute Easter Deals, 3-Day Easter Hop!
6. Banana Republic: Egg Hunt! Find the Eggs Hidden Around our Site for Extra Savings
7. TigerDirect: 50 Deals up to 50% Off: 20″ Acer LED $99 & More Caliente Deals
8. Linens 'n Things: It's a Fiesta: Save 20%
9. Postmates: Treat yo mama (or treat yo self) with free delivery for Mother's Day weekend!
10. food52: Gifts that will make it to Mom in time (Phew!)

Additionally, here are a few suggestions from our copywriters at Essence of Email:

1. Don't miss our egg-citing Easter offers! (Easter)
2. Jump into our fresh Spring trends
3. This must be your lucky day! (St. Patrick's Day)

Happy Spring Sales!

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