august 12, 2022

Essence of Email Weekly - Klaviyo's security incident

What is it all about? Last week, Klaviyo announced that there was some suspicious activity coming from one of their employees' accounts. It turned out that the employee's login had been compromised as a result of a phishing attack.

The deets: A threat actor used the internal customer support tools to search mostly for crypto accounts. They also viewed list and segment information for 44 Klaviyo accounts and downloaded the same information from 38 of those accounts. The downloaded information consisted of names, email addresses, phone numbers, and "some account-specific custom profile properties for profiles in those lists or segments."

Additionally, the hacker also downloaded 2 of Klaviyo's internal lists used for product and marketing updates. However, information such as passwords, password hashes, or credit card numbers was not included.

Klaviyo immediately revoked access for the compromised user and the hacker was removed from the system. Everyone affected in both cases was notified

Also, Klaviyo notified law enforcement and immediately launched a cybersecurity investigation.

"Our customers come first and we consider safeguarding data as one of our foundational responsibilities. We sincerely apologize that this happened," Klaviyo states.

If you're interested in more details, check out Klaviyo's official blog post.


Meta's launching Advantage+ shopping campaigns

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Rewind: In March, Meta unified all of its automated ad products under the term Meta Advantage, with the aim of making these products easier for brands to identify. Meta Advantage was divided in 2 silos: Advantage, a product that enables marketers to improve a specific aspect of manual campaign setup, and Advantage+, which are options that let marketers automate an entire campaign flow or an entire core step of manual campaign setup, such as placements or creative.

Now, they are rolling out their Advantage+ shopping campaigns, which eliminate the time-consuming manual steps and allow marketers to automate up to 150 creative combinations simultaneously.

"We are bringing new tools starting next week to help every advertiser, make their lives easier, leverage the power of artificial intelligence and use automation," said Nicola Mendelsohn, Meta's Vice President of global business group.

Starting August 15, these Advantage+ shopping campaigns will be available to eCommerce and retail marketers. The campaigns will give marketers the opportunity to use AI and new machine learning models to determine which creative is working for them and therefore, optimize their campaigns.

This just shows us that AI continues to be one of Meta's top priorities and also, a big investment area in the following years.


Back-in-stock emails FTW

Source: TheBetterCreative
There isn't a single person on the planet who wants to see the message "Sold out" when they are ready to purchase their favorite product or the product they've been planning to buy.

You can't always anticipate things like this but there is definitely one thing that you can do. And that's sending your subscribers an email when their selected product is back in stock! This email will definitely ignite interest, drive sales, and have a huge impact on your brand.

The Better Creative described the importance of Back-in-Stock Emails in one of their latest blog posts and included some excellent examples that can get you inspired. Check them out!

Source: The Better Creative

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