april 1, 2022

Essence of Email Weekly - 3D ads come to Facebook and Instagram

The big picture: Meta, Facebook and Instagram's parent company, formed a partnership with VNTANA, a 3D eCommerce technology company. By granting VNTANA alpha access to its AR (Augmented Reality) Publishing API, Meta is bringing advertising in the metaverse and making it easier for advertisers in several categories to create 3D ads on Facebook and Instagram.

The deets: By using the new integration, brands will be able to upload their existing 3D designs from programs such as Browzwear, Clo, Keyshot, and Modo and automatically convert them to Facebook and Instagram standards without any technical expertise. The 3D models can then be published from VNTANA directly to the Meta catalog to streamline 3D ads creation.

Facebook and Instagram users that see a 3D ad while browsing on their desktop or phone will be able to interact with the product displayed on the ad by moving it around to view it from all angles. This will enable the customers to have better product insights on potential purchases without visiting a store.

"3D and AR open a new door of advertising possibilities for retail and ecommerce brands. We know how important Facebook and Instagram's advertising capabilities are for many brands looking to reach their target audience," stated Chris Barbour, Director of Augmented Reality Business Development and Partnerships — Meta Reality Labs.According to VNTANA, in addition to Facebook and Instagram, the files can also be used for ads on other eCommerce platforms and game engines.


Google rolls out new competitive tools for retailers

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The way consumers shop continues to change rapidly and retailers need to adjust their approaches in order to meet the consumers' needs. More than 1 billion is the estimated number of times consumers shop across Google's platform on a daily basis.

Zoom in: Google announced tools that will help retailers stand out in the online searches based on prices, shipping costs, return information, etc. Their aim is to help merchants reach the shoppers who come to Google every day, with features such as Shopping Experience Scorecard, Free Listings Conversion Measurement, Competitive Price Insights, and Shipping & Returns Overview Pages.

With the Competitive Price Insights tool, merchants can compare their product's price with the same product's price sold by other retailers. They can also see the potential revenue if they were to change the price, together with predicted impressions and clicks. The tool is built on the principles of machine learning.

Additionally, the tools available for free listings merchants and retail advertisers, aim to support the migration from Smart Shopping campaigns (SSC) and Local campaign advertisers to Performance Max later this year.

According to Tina Weyand, Senior Director of Retail Ads at Google, "The Shopping ads team is focused on building richer ad experiences for all stages of the journey — from inspiration to purchase — across Google. We're agnostic as to where the purchase takes place. We just want to make sure we're getting consumers the correct information."

If you're interested in more details, take a look at this article.


Postscript is on a roll!

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Postscript recently announced several new product updates which can add even more value to your brand's SMS marketing program. They include seamless direct-from-text checkouts, brand-new integrations to streamline two-way conversations with subscribers, and so much more.

Let's take a closer look at them. ????

  • Linking subscribers directly from a text message to their pre-filled checkout
Postscript created a new Checkout link that takes shoppers directly from a text message to a pre-filled checkout page. If the subscriber is already a customer, meaning they have shopped in the past, their shipping information will also be pre-filled. This is currently available only for Browse Abandonment, Add to Cart Abandonment, and Back in Stock automations.

  • Putting your pop-up image on the side and the option to see the pop-up performance analytics
You can now create a desktop pop-up with an image on the left side and form fields on the right side. The image will automatically scale to fit the pop-up. Also, you will be able to see the performance data for all your pop-ups, including impressions, engagement, and numbers of emails and phone numbers collected.

  • Postscript + Klaviyo integration enhanced capabilities
By using the new updated features of the Postscript + Klaviyo integration, you'll be able to get even more out of your SMS marketing program. These features are: syncing Postscript coupons to Klaviyo, creating Postscript segments and user filters using Klaviyo activity, and sending Postscript click activity to Klaviyo.

For a complete overview of these and some more updates and how you can use them to your advantage, check out Postscript's official page.


As fresh as springtime

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We've always associated spring with bright colors, freshness, new life, new hope. One of its numerous positive sides is also all the fresh produce that is available and Plated made sure to incorporate some of them in their email.

The design of the email above is not only mouth-watering but also gives value to the subscribers by giving them more information about the products and how they can be used in the kitchen.

The CTAs are a bit discreet, with one being incorporated in the body copy and the second one at the end of the email. This shows us that the brand's main purpose wasn't for the subscribers to make a purchase but to learn how to prepare fresh recipes by using their ingredients!

This email will definitely leave you craving some fresh, delicious food! ???? Yummy! ????

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