JUNE 3, 2020

Father's Day Email Campaigns: Catchy Copy Ideas

The dads of the world are finally getting the love they deserve.

Father's Day used to be completely overshadowed by Mother's Day, but things have changed over the last decade.

Although people still shop less for dads than they do for moms, spending rose by 70% to a predicted high of $15.96 billion in 2019 – good news for email marketers and a great reason to plan Father's Day campaigns.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the biggest spenders are those aged between 35 and 44 years. Meanwhile, gift cards, clothing, and special outings are among the most popular gifts for dads.

So, what does all of this mean for your business? Well, although it's a relatively small holiday, Father's Day is a great opportunity to capitalize on holiday spending.

But to do that successfully, you'll need to connect with your customers and stand out from all of the other email campaigns flooding their inboxes. A lot of this comes down to copy and to get you inspired, we've come up with some ideas for catchy subject lines, creative body content, and fun CTAs.
1. Subject Lines for Father's Day Email Campaigns
Before you get started on your campaign, think about why people would buy gifts from you. This will help you decide on the tone of your copy and whether it should be funny, sentimental, promotional – or completely unique!
Bring Emotion Into It
Tapping into the emotional aspect of Father's Day can be a powerful way to win over potential customers. Embrace the true meaning of the holiday with a sentimental or nostalgic copy that'll strike a chord in your subscribers' hearts. Just make sure the message you're sending is in line with your brand voice to maintain authenticity:

  • Get Your Dad a Gift He'll Love
  • Show Your Dad How Special He Is
  • For the Greatest Dad in the World
Here's an example from Brooklinen, a bed sheets brand.

Subject line: We Love You Dad!

Show Some Dad Appreciation
Father's Day is a day for celebrating dads. So, subject lines that evoke appreciation could be a great choice for gift-related campaigns. Check out the following subject lines to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Thank You, Dad!
  • Gifts for Fantastic Fathers
  • For a Special Dad
Here's an example from our client Collin Street Bakery:

Subject Line: A Shout Out To All You Rad Dads
Make It Funny
We all know a dad who tells terrible jokes, wears embarrassing sandals, and who still hasn't figured out how to use his phone properly. So, why not keep things light-hearted and make your subscribers laugh? Injecting a little humor into your copy could be a great way to connect with your customers, humanize your brand, and make your subscribers want to buy from you:

  • Every Dad Has His Day
  • How Rad Is Your Dad?
  • Knock Pop's Socks Off!
Here's an example from FOOD52:

Subject line: Gifts for Dad we're willing to bet he's never unwrapped before.
Source: Email Design
Promotion, Promotion
If you're running a sale or a special offer for Father's Day, mentioning it in your subject line might encourage subscribers to open your email:

  • Save up to 30% on Father's Day Gifts!
  • Free Shipping for Father's Day!
  • Get 20% off Father's Day Gifts for Him!
Here's an example from Nest's indoor cameras campaign:
Subject line: Save up to $50 on a Nest Cam. Because Dad loves deals
2. Father's Day Email Body Copy
Once you have your subject lines sorted, it's time to move on to the main point – the body of your email. But instead of blatantly selling your products or services, think about what you can do for your customers. How can you make their lives easier? What problem can you solve for them? This is especially important because Father's Day falls between three major promotional periods of the year: Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July. So, to avoid promotion fatigue, try to connect with your customers and offer them value. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
Gift Guide
Help your customers out with a gift guide. NFR found that 28% of shoppers look to retailers for inspiration before buying gifts for their dads. So, give your customers exactly what they're looking for! Sending them a gift guide with items at different price points is a great way to promote your own products while offering value at the same time. To make your guide stand out, tie your selection to a specific theme or persona.
Make Pop the Hero
More and more brands are steering away from jokes and going towards a more sentimental tone for Father's Day. And if you want to engage your customers, this is a great way to do it. Evoke sweet memories or encourage the idea of Dad as a hero with messages of love, support, and strength. Remind your subscribers that this is their opportunity to thank their fathers and celebrate them. You might want to create content related to old family recipes, photos, or stories – the most important thing is to keep it honest and sincere. By making it personal, you'll also give your brand some warmth and personality – just make sure your copy fits your brand voice.

Here's an example from The Lilly, the Washington Post's product.
Get Creative
The best way to stand out from the crowd is to get creative. So, try a fresh approach by creating an email that's entirely unique to your brand. You could pack your email with useful tips for celebrating Father's Day or send an entertaining campaign with a fun infographic or animation. If you have a company blog, include links to posts that are in some way connected to the holiday or to the theme of your email.
Here's an example from our client Fresh Cleen Tees:
3. CTAs for Father's Day Campaigns
You've put time and creativity into your Father's Day email campaign, so why would you finish with a generic call-to-action button (CTA)? CTAs are a simple but powerful way to grab your subscribers' attention. The aim of every CTA is to encourage the reader to act in a certain way – so be sure to make yours as impactful and as relevant to your email as possible. To help get you started, here are some ideas for Father's Day CTAs:

  • Shop for Dad
  • Give Him a Gift
  • Shop Father's Day Gifts
If you have a product or a service that could make a great gift, Father's Day email campaigns are the best way to let your subscribers know. But don't forget to plan your copy – strong subject lines, body copy, and CTAs all have a major role to play. So, choose your words carefully, provide value, and watch your customer engagement soar.

For specialist email marketing advice that's tailored to your business, get in touch with our experts at Essence of Email.
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