How to Upload Your Email Subscriber List to Social Media Platforms

upload email list on social media

Email and social media require different strategies in order to reach your potential and existing customers. Despite the differences in the two channels, there are ways to integrate them in order to reach the maximum potential of both.

In a recent study, 65% of the top 20% of B2B marketers who use social media for lead generation choose to integrate email with social media.

We created this post with quick and easy tips on how to upload your email subscriber list to the following social media platforms in order to target the subscribers and prospects similar to them, with your social media ads.

We will start with Facebook and cover Twitter and LinkedIn, too.

1. Uploading Your Email Subscriber List to Facebook

In order to upload your email subscribers to Facebook, so that you can target those people with your ads afterwards, you need to start with a .csv file. Make sure you only include email addresses, without names, phone numbers, and other extra information about your subscribers, in order to make sure Facebook doesn’t store this data and violate the privacy of your list.

1. To start, navigate to the Ads Manager through this link:

2. Through the sandwich menu in the top left corner, hover over All tools and look for the Audiences link

3. Under the Audiences tab, click on the blue Create Audience button

4. Choose Custom Audience from the drop-down menu.

5. Choose the Customer file option

Depending on the data you have and you are willing to upload, you can choose to upload a file that includes your customers’ Customer Lifetime Value, based on which you can create a lookalike audience afterwards. Additionally, you can also upload the list directly from Mailchimp.

2. Uploading Subscriber List to Twitter

By uploading your email subscriber list to Twitter, you will create Tailored Audience to whom you can send highly effective and relevant remarketing campaigns. This way, you will show your products or services to people that have probably seen them in your emails.

1. Through your Twitter account, access Twitter Ads

2. Next, click the Tools tab and select the Audience Manager

3. Then click on Create new audience and select Upload your own list from the drop-down menu

Give your Twitter Tailored Audience a descriptive name and select the type of data file you are uploading, such as email addresses, Twitter usernames, or mobile advertising IDs.

Once you’ve uploaded your list of contacts, you can choose to either include or exclude them from your campaign targeting, depending on your remarketing strategy.

It will take a few hours for Twitter to process the list. Once it’s ready, you can use Twitter ads to target this group.

3. Uploading Subscriber List to LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to create contact files, which are contacts from different email programs, or to directly upload your file. We will go through the steps for uploading a file.

1. Click My Network icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage

2. Click See all under Your Connections on the left rail

3. Click Manage synced and imported contacts on the top right

4. Click Grow your network below Your connections on the right

5. Select Upload a file on the right

6. Choose your newly exported .csv file for uploading, then click Upload file

Keep in mind that you can only upload a maximum of 10,000 contacts.

You can learn how to export the data for your contact for each of the most used email programs on the official LinkedIn help page.

These are easy and quick steps that will help you target your customers with social media ads more accurately. Implement them and watch your numbers grow.

The other way round, meaning growing your email list with social media, is also a way to go. There are many different activities that can be done on each social media platform that will grow your email list. Additionally, it is always a great idea to turn those social media followers into your email subscribers – because, as people say, once you have them on your email list, you will eventually sell to them.

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