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October 23, 2020


Discounts won’t make your customer happy...

…Free shipping will.

Discounts might seem like the best offer to focus on in your holiday email strategy. But, actually, you should think twice about making them the core of your campaign.

Ware2G0, an on-demand fulfillment provider, polled 250 merchants operating online and as brick-and-mortar businesses. The company wanted to find out whether free and faster shipping is something that consumers appreciate more than reduced prices.

65% of the polled companies said that eCommerce cart conversions can go up by 25% when two-day deliveries are promised. Although implementing faster shipping requires a solid strategy, it’s something eCommerce stores should strive for. It can result in a significant competitive advantage while fulfilling the needs of your consumers.

What’s more, the study showed that customers are willing to pay extra, just to get their orders delivered faster. More than half of the polled companies noticed that guaranteed two-day shipping tends to bring more repeat sales and has a positive effect on the brand overall.

To compare, only 26% of companies considered in-cart discounts to be effective, while 56% voted for free shipping.

If free shipping and two-day shipping weren’t part of your holiday campaign plan, now’s the perfect time to put them in place. Invest in consistently fast and free shipping… and watch the rewards roll in.


It’s time to improve email deliverability

Thanks to recent developments, you’ll now be able to work out which emails are landing in spam traps just from the subject line. Sounds too good to be true? Read on!

Here are the details: SparkPost, an email delivery and analytics platform, announced new enhancements to its Global Spam Trap Network that’ll help companies to spot mistakes and react faster. They say that the network will flag spam triggers based on email communications or unengaged email inboxes. Plus, it’ll report unrecognized IPs, trap hit times, domain origins, IPs, and subject lines. 

So, what’s so great about it? Let’s hear from George Schlossnagle, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at SparkPost: “From an operational standpoint, SparkPost’s Global Spam Trap Network minimizes resources wasted on diagnosing spam issues. Email marketers can do their jobs with more confidence, spot problems earlier, and make necessary changes quickly enough so every email campaign is effective. Longer-term, organization reputations stay intact, and organizations can avoid becoming a sender that finds itself regularly landing in spam folders or worse yet, blocklisted and blocked.”

But is it really such a major innovation?

For the bigger picture on deliverability, take a look at our “How to Improve Deliverability” blog post. 


The shopping dilemma

To shop or not to shop… the answer is pretty simple. It’ll be almost impossible not to shop with all the holiday offers that’ll soon be popping up everywhere. 

However, as this study from PCI Pal shows, consumers are worried about their data security. Of the polled consumers, 60% said they’re more concerned about data security as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and one fifth considers online shopping to be the least secure method of purchasing. 

Unfortunately, we can’t say that consumers’ concerns are unjustified. We’ve covered at least one case of data leakage due to a cyber attack in the last month and featured an article about cybersecurity for eCommerce

A simple recommendation that’ll show your customers a bit of care and help you build trust is to add small icons or symbols (also known as trust badges or trust seals), that showcase that your security efforts are in place. This has proven to significantly improve conversions. For example, here’s a study by Blue Fountain Media, where the introduction of trust badge led to a 42% increase in conversions.

Despite the dilemma, 70% of respondents still plan to shop online during the holiday season. Plus, consumers seem to be showing loyalty, with 86% planning to buy from their favorite retailers.

Hopefully, brands won’t risk their or their customers’ security and will pay double attention to it. As Geoff Forsyth, CISO at PCI Pal concludes it: “Retailers faced an unpredictable and unexpectedly challenging year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What they can control, however, is delivering a seamless, secure shopping experience in-store and across digital shopping channels to offer customers much-needed peace of mind this holiday season.”

We couldn’t agree more!


This cereal will calm you down, but the design won’t

If this email by OffLimits doesn’t catch your eye, we don’t know what will. Of course, it’s not to everyone’s taste, but it’s impossible not to appreciate the wickedly bold approach this brand has.

The structure is simple: a big hero image, several blocks with minimal copy, and a CTA to finish it off. But it looks as if someone decided to let their imagination go wild and added everything that popped into their mind: the eye-popping colors, super-bright background, and simple, but quirky, design (look at that cereal-palm, though!). They even managed to squeeze in an Instagram review screenshot.

And let’s just take a second to appreciate the copy. It’s playful and conversational. But at the same time, it breaks down the benefits of their product and makes you want to order it. This is a perfect “down-to-earth” element to balance out the craziness of the email. 

Our verdict: We love it! It’s very on-brand and definitely memorable. Keep in mind, though, being bold is awesome – but you can only be as bold as your brand allows it. For OffLimits, obviously, there are no limits! 

Source: ReallyGoodEmails


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