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October 2, 2020

By the pricking of our thumbs, something awesome this way comes!

Essence of Email Quarterly — a complete overview of the email marketing and eCommerce industry’s past quarter — will be out soon! 

The report will reflect on the most important events and innovations that marked Q3 2020. Plus, our experts and partners will provide you with tips and tricks for the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday period. We hope this will help you plan ahead and enhance your holiday strategy.

We’re sending this bad boy straight to your inboxes on Friday, October 9th, so stay alert.

Thank you for your continued support and happy reading! 


Google launches a set of holiday marketing resources

Looking ahead to the 2020 holiday season: Google has launched a set of holiday marketing resources to help small businesses prepare for the busiest time of year and reach their customers with personalized recommendations through Shopping, Search, and Maps. The hub is a part of Google’s large holiday strategy for retailers and you can read more about it here.

The stats: According to research, 71% of US adults plan to shop for the holidays online, while 66% say they want to shop with small, local brands this season. 

Google wants to help people find these small businesses, so they’ve released a hub of holiday marketing resources. The hub contains new tools, live streams, and how-to guides. The new tools include Grow My Store, which examines customer experiences and measures how brands perform in comparison to competitors within the same retail category. Local Opportunity Finder is an additional tool, which helps potential customers find business stores on Search and Maps. But it remains to be seen whether or not people are attracted to brick-and-mortar stores in the middle of a pandemic.

In addition to the tools, Google is offering how-to guides on the following topics: listing products on Google for free, creating an effective social media plan, best SEO practices, and much more. 

For those who want to know more, Google will hold an hour-long webinar on October 14.


GoDaddy enables Instagram and Facebook shopping

GoDaddy, a company offering a range of web hosting and eCommerce solutions for businesses of all sizes, recently went through a rough patch. In June, the company announced a restructuring plan that was supposed to affect approximately 12% of its staff about 814 employees. This came as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis when the company saw a dip in demand for some of its services. 

But they seem to be trying to get back on their feet. The company recently announced that its customers will be able to sell their products via Instagram and Facebook using the company’s website builder Websites + Marketing. The builder is supposed to help brands increase sales and reach new customers more easily.

Websites + Marketing allows marketers to create shoppable posts and set up shops on both Instagram and Facebook. All further updates, such as adding new products to stores and updating product information, will be synced to brands’ Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Additionally, businesses will be able to create Facebook’s Dynamic Ads and integrate Websites + Marketing with Instagram Checkout and their Facebook Shop catalogs. 

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs grow online, so it’s critical for them to sell where they will get the most engagement. By integrating Instagram and Facebook commerce, sellers can easily showcase products to audiences that are the most likely to buy and to spread the word. More than ever, small businesses need to sell everywhere that matters and to be efficient. That’s why we built capabilities to sell across marketplaces, Google, and now Instagram and Facebook directly into our Online Store with a consistent workflow and a way to manage all your orders from one place“, said Greg Goldfarb, VP of Products at GoDaddy.

For more information, check out GoDaddy’s blog post.


Make your words count

It’s one thing to write a witty copy that sells, but it’s a completely different story when it comes to building emotional connections with your words. This is especially true in the era of COVID-19, as Phrasee’s report shows.  

Marketers feel brand language has never been more important, with 64% of the polled companies saying it’s helping them to connect with their customers.  However, 82% of respondents state that they still struggle to create enough high quality branded content due to a shortage of staff, money deficits, or a lack of time. 

The bright side… 71% of companies intend to focus more on language and content when working on their budgets and marketing plan. 73% plan to invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to support marketing initiatives in the next 18 months, but over half still believe that some kind of human oversight is necessary when it comes to creating content.

Well, what does this all mean?  Will overwhelmed email copywriters feel like they don’t have to work every waking moment, or will it lead to a loss of demand for copywriters?

Here’s what Grace, Copywriter at Essence of Email, has to say:

When it comes to the impact of AI on copywriting, only time will tell. But for now, we recommend that you improve your email copywriting skills and sharpen your brand language in your email marketing campaigns.


From adult to baby in 3 steps

Harry’s, a beauty and personal care brand for men, gets very creative and fun in their email campaigns and this one is no exception. 

Conveniently split into three blocks, this email represents a simple guide to getting soft and smooth face skin, just like a baby’s.

Soft pastel shades of blue and cute graphics are paired with a witty copy to present the theme of the email in an entertaining way. The email showcases the benefits of Harry’s products and makes you want to try them yourself, just to see if they really work. 

They keep it simple: No distracting the reader with testimonials or an overwhelming footer. Instead, there’s a relevant CTA, “Shop Pre-Shave”, that finishes the email off perfectly.

Our verdict: We love it! We would purchase and try the rejuvenating magic of Harry’s products based on this email alone. 

Source: ReallyGoodEmails


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