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October 16, 2020


Mailchimp launches Mailchimp & Co.

Mailchimp is looking out for freelancers! The automation platform and email service provider recently announced the launch of Mailchimp & Co., a community for freelancers and agencies helping small businesses succeed. 

The community is designed to help people learn new skills, build a reputation, and get the tools they need for client management. It will also provide freelances with access to Mailchimp training materials, rewards, and resources. 

Mailchimp reports that 40% of the service providers in its ecosystem are freelancers. What’s more, the number of freelancers across the industry is steadily increasing as a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis. During Q2 2020, freelance jobs saw an increase of over 25%, and the figure might continue to grow.  

In this context, it’s expected that Mailchimp & Co. will connect freelancers with its 12 million customers to help them develop unique solutions, acquire new skills, and earn more for their work. 

Our take: After an extensive overview of over 20 email service providers, Mailchimp didn’t make it to the top 5. Still, it’s good to see them improving for the larger user base. For more information on their new community, check out this article


H&M fined for violating GDPR

H&M, a Swedish fashion retailer that operates in over 74 countries with over 5,000 stores, was fined for violating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The $41.5 million fine was issued by the Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI) for collecting detailed personal data about their employees from 2014 onwards. 

The data was acquired through several sources. For example, H&M ran a ‘’Welcome Back’’ program that involved organizing interviews with employees returning from sick leave. Through these interviews, H&M collected personal information that included details about illnesses and vacations. A number of managers had access to the records and were able to use them to assess employee performance and handle promotions and terminations accordingly. The company also gathered personal data through small talk and whispering campaigns. 

H&M took responsibility and offered a generous amount of money as compensation to the affected employees. An ‘’unreserved apology’’ stated that “All currently employed at the service centre, and all who have been employed for at least one month since May 2018, when GDPR came into force, will receive financial compensation.”

As an extra measure, H&M hired a data protection coordinator to get things in order and help with data compliance.

The big picture: With the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) handing out the largest fine in its history back in July, things are evidently starting to heat up. There is an increasing need for data protection and with laws getting stricter, we’re sure to witness an increase in fines. Good data management is key for businesses to remain compliant with GDPR in the long run.


Twilio buys Segment for $3.2 billion

Major acquisition alert: Twilio, an American cloud communications platform, bought Segment, a customer data platform, for $3.2 billion. This is Twilio’s biggest acquisition to date. 

What’s it all about? Segment is a platform that collects, cleans, and controls customer data through an application programming interface (API). As such, it ensures better data movement across platforms, and it’s especially useful for marketing and other apps that benefit from customer identification and segmentation. 

Twilio, on the other hand, enables users to receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and run other communication services through APIs. The acquisition of Segment indicates that Twilio is focusing on customer engagement services.

“Data silos destroy great customer experiences. Segment lets developers and companies break down those silos and build a complete picture of their customers. Combined with Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform, we can create more personalized, timely and impactful engagement across customer service, marketing, analytics, product and sales. We are thrilled to welcome Segment to the Twilio team.” said Jeff Lawson, co-founder and CEO of Twilio.

It’s believed that acquiring Segment could also mean more customers for Twilio if the company upsells their additional services to Segment’s existing customers.

Whether or not this integration positively affects customer engagement services remains to be seen.


So cool, yet so warm

It is a truth universally acknowledged (well, kind of) that fashion and apparel brands send the prettiest emails. 

Case in point: this email by Buck Mason. Where do we begin?

The hero image is warm, yet cool (in the on-trend sense, of course). And this is paired with more relaxed imagery, easy-going hues, and simple copy combined with direct CTAs. 

The two drastically different fonts in the body make a strong impression and highlight the benefits of the brand’s apparel by making the headline stand out. The closeup images of fabric wrap up the entire section nicely. 

Product feeds work as a how-to guide for pairing pieces, and the lower part of the email emphasizes the services the brand offers: virtual fitting and curbside pickup. In these strange times, these services are much appreciated!

Our verdict: Less is always more. Buck Mason shows that a bit of simplicity goes a long way. We’re checking out the rest of their range right away!

Source: ReallyGoodEmails


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