November 20, 2020


Email remains king. Consumers seem to agree.

Email marketing is holding the lead again and we’ve got proof. 

As the latest study by CMO Council shows, email is consumers’ favorite communication channel, with 91% putting it at the top of their list. Email is followed by websites with 61% of the votes (which is not even remotely close go email!). Next up are telephone, in-person, and text. 

The email geeks that we are, we can give you a million reasons why email marketing is awesome. But what does the study say? In general, consumers see email as a convenient and reliable channel, a channel that is fast and trusted. When they have a critical need, 55% of consumers view email as a channel they could not live without. 

An insight that we also found useful: 25% of consumers say they are willing to share their personal data for more personalized experiences and offers. Plus, 22% would do so to receive better service. 

So, don’t hesitate to ask for more details, personal info, or opinions it’s fine, as long as you give thoughtful and personalized content in return.  

Check out the whole How Covid Has Changed the Channels of Engagement report (you’ll need to fill out a short form first). 


Walmart is on top of its game

It’s not easy to admit this, but the pandemic has had a silver lining. At least for eCommerce and especially for Walmart. 

As consumers continue to shop online during this chaotic year, Walmart has been hitting high with every passing quarter. According to the latest reports, the retail giant’s eCommerce sales soared by 79% in Q3 2020.  

Doug McMillon, President & CEO of Walmart, says that despite “an unusual and softer back-to-school season and less benefit from government stimulus spending versus the first half of the year,” the retailer still had a strong quarter. 

Better yet, this trend seems to be sticking around. The company hired over half a million new employees this year, and they’re not slowing down. 

“We’re convinced that most of the behavior change will persist beyond the pandemic and that our combination of strong stores and emerging digital capabilities will be a winning formula,” says Doug McMillon. 

What about the holidays? As announced a couple of months ago, Walmart stores will be closed on Thanksgiving. But the retailer’s eCommerce division is preparing for a busy period.

“While many family gatherings may be smaller, we do believe families want to decorate, celebrate, and enjoy food and gifts,” says Walmart’s CEO. “They want a sense of normalcy, and our traditions help bring some joy and comfort to this difficult year.”

Where’s Amazon in all of that? While Amazon has been nipping on Walmart’s heels in the retail department with its sales growing three times as fast as Walmart’s, Amazon’s still holding the lead in eCommerce. With Amazon’s 20-year head-start, Walmart will probably never catch its online rival, even with the 97% YOY eCommerce sales increase Walmart saw in the second quarter of 2020. 

There’re many growth opportunities for Walmart with its eCommerce service, but for now, it seems, Amazon is not ready to give up its lead. 


Amazon is your new go-to pharmacy

Amazon announced the launch of its own online pharmacy. The new store will allow customers to order medication or prescription refills and have them delivered in a couple of days.

Let’s take a step back: Amazon has been eyeing the healthcare market for a while now. They even acquired the online pharmacy PillPack back in 2018. Now, two years later, they’ve decided to take a more decisive step into pharma. 

How does it work? To order medicine, you need to provide some basic health info and insurance details, or you can ask your doctor to send prescriptions directly to Amazon Pharmacy. Amazon Pharmacy is offering 80% off generic drugs and 40% off brand name medications to Prime members when they pay without insurance. Plus, Prime members get unlimited and free two-day deliveries. 

The bigger picture: With these great discounts, competitors’ shares have already felt the influence of Amazon Pharmacy. For example, according to the Financial Times, Walgreens Boots Alliance fell by more than 9% by the time of the afternoon trading on Tuesday, while CVS Health, the largest pharmacy operator in the US, dropped by 9%. 

With more people switching to online shopping, Amazon couldn’t have chosen a better time to expand its business. How will it influence the rest of the pharmaceutical industry? Well, we’ll have to wait and see. 


Handle Thanksgiving convos like a pro

Who says your Thanksgiving email has to be emotional, sweet, and sensitive?

Betterment, a financial advisory company, has a different idea. Instead of thanking their subscribers for being there in a similar sentimental vein, it offers practical advice on handling awkward questions from friends and family over the holiday season. 

In the five short paragraphs of its Thanksgiving Convo Survival Guide” email, Betterment masterfully offers answers to possible topics that could arise at the dinner table – all while relating back to the company itself.

It’s such a relatable situation an uncomfortable family gathering and Betterment used it to its full potential in this email. It’s simple, easy, and fun to read. 

Why wouldn’t I refer a friend after reading this? Of course, I would!

Here’s to many more fun Thanksgiving emails! 


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