November 13, 2020


Something worth bragging about

Last week, we published a success story that we’re extremely proud of. The Essence of Email team has been working with BariatricPal – a diet food brand and weight loss community – since June 2019. Over the course of our journey together, we’ve helped them to skyrocket their omnichannel marketing with the help of Privy and PushOwl

BariatricPal wanted to establish a clear and organized strategy for their email channel, which is why they reached out to Essence of Email. So far, we’ve helped them to:

  • Revamp campaigns and flows
  • Fine-tune and A/B test flows
  • Increase open rates and decrease bounce and spam rates
  • Adjust flow filters to make Checkout Abandonment email filters less severe
  • Solve unexpected challenges

“It’s easy to ‘throw together’ an email campaign. But to consistently hit high open rates, excellent sales numbers, and to effectively take on unexpected circumstances is not easy at all. We needed a team to not only effectively manage our marketing campaigns, but to also work towards enhancing the quality of our flows, do A/B testing, and change/evolve with our industry,” says Veronica Hernandez, Digital Marketing Director at BariatricPal. 

As a result of our collaboration, BariatricPal is now enjoying better organization and higher sales

Want the full story? You can read it here.


Holiday shopping is starting early this year

Experts are predicting that this holiday season will see earlier-than-normal shopping surges. According to NetElixir’s annual holiday eCommerce sales predictions, retailers and brands need to start their holiday preparations earlier than usual and be ready to tackle an uncertain holiday season.

Let’s break this down… the company forecasts that aggregate eCommerce sales will experience a 30% YOY increase from November to December 2020. Additionally, the total online sales from this period are likely to exceed 20% of total retail sales in the U.S. 

This will be supported by retailers who also start promotion activities early. NetElixir predicts that some will run their most attractive holiday promotions from November 15 to encourage early shopping behavior.

“Next week will set the pace for the entire holiday shopping season,” says Udayan Bose, Founder and CEO at NetElixir. “With COVID-19 causing surges in online shopping behavior, retailers are up against two key obstacles: shipping restrictions and product availability. The most successful retailers are going to be the ones who plan ahead, start early, and work quickly to keep up with demand.”

In a recent edition of the Essence of Email Weekly, we spoke about the importance of free shipping in the lead-up to the holidays. One study showed that customers are willing to pay extra, just to get their orders delivered faster. More than half of the polled companies noticed that guaranteed two-day shipping tends to bring more repeat sales and has a positive effect on the brand overall. 

Our last-minute reminder: If free shipping and two-day shipping weren’t part of your holiday campaign plan, now’s the perfect time to put them in place. 


Who’s messing with your metrics?

It’s supposed to be simple: you send an email, your recipient opens it and clicks on the links inside. Then, you get the metrics you need to plan your future strategy. But what if those metrics aren’t right? 

How could that happen? Well, received emails are not only handled by humans – but also by a software program, Non-Human Interaction (NHI).

What’s the drill? 

NHI aims to put every email through a security check. It does this by following links in the email and analyzing the content of the target website. The goal here is to catch URLs leading to malicious or dangerous content.

In theory, it sounds great. But, in reality, some of these clicks and opens are recorded by the email campaign and the website’s analytics are affected along the way. 

Unfortunately, it’s not just one link. As Messaging Malware Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group’s (M3AAWG) study shows, “This can appear in statistics as anything from clicks on a subset of links in one email, to having every single link in every email sent to that domain clicked in quick succession.”

For B2B, this problem can be serious, with a 20% to 80% impact rate. Meanwhile, for B2C brands, it typically results in 10% or less for the most reputable brands. Still, even a 10% impact rate is something you should keep an eye on. Because if eCommerce brands base business decisions on inaccurate data and inflated metrics, they might suffer reduced ROI and return on advertising spend. 

So, what can you do? 

Here are some tips from M3AAWG on how to avoid these issues resulting from NHI: 

  • Use HTTPS exclusively for all links
  • Maintain separate campaigns for engaged and unengaged recipients
  • Monitor content and use fewer emojis in subject lines and catchwords 
  • Keep your sender reputation high as senders with highly engaged recipients tend to suffer less from NHI

Plus, take a look at M3AAWG Sender Best Common Practices for more tips.



Filmsupply, which offers licensing for premium stock footage from the best filmmakers, is showing off its email skills! 

This email, promoting the platform’s newly curated ‘’Cars’’ collection, shows us that they really are experts at what they do. The hero image is powerful and the punchy headline makes us swoon. The witty CTA fits nicely with the visuals and enhances the overall feeling of a cinematic experience! 

Most importantly, the main sections are clearly structured. This makes for a pleasant experience because the content is easy to navigate.

Our verdict: Brands should strive to showcase their expertise, product, and values whenever they can! This email by Filmsupplies does just that. We love it.


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