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May 15, 2020


Email open rates increased by over a quarter since March

Good news! Email open rates have maintained a consistent level of growth since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. Rates reached a high of 27% the week of April 27 – about 16% higher than the previous week, according to new research. 

Over the past two months, HubSpot has been analyzing how sales and marketing trends for online businesses have been affected by COVID-19 and global lockdowns. They collected data from over 70,000 HubSpot clients across the globe.

The latest data from HubSpot shows that 44% more emails are currently being sent, in comparison to the period before the lockdown – with this week’s data showing big changes in the sending and opening rates of email marketing campaigns.

Other key numbers are:

Volume of marketing emails: Although the total number of sends is still trending higher than pre-COVID levels, there was a decrease of 9% in sends the week of April 27, compared to the previous week.

Growth of marketing contacts: After last week’s slight increase in the total number of marketing contacts, the week of April 27 saw a decrease of 14% from the previous week.

The rise in email open rates is great news for email marketers. The more customers who open emails, the higher the potential revenue – so, long may this trend continue!


New SMS call-to-action layer in Justuno

Want to add SMS to your marketing stack? Need to increase the efficiency of your subscriber list? Justuno is stepping up to help! The company recently announced a new SMS call-to-action (CTA) layer for mobile promotions that can help users to collect subscribers using an efficient two-step opt-in. It’s a great way to scale your SMS marketing database quickly and easily. 

It’s worth noting that this feature only works with mobile promotions – the layer won’t appear if placed on a desktop promotion. But as long as you have an SMS provider, you can use Justuno to collect more subscribers using a CTA click and send opt-in. Rather than irritating potential subscribers with the lengthy process of entering their phone numbers, and then waiting to receive a text from you, this SMS CTA layer streamlines the experience.

When a mobile visitor is served a promotion asking them to opt-in to mobile messaging, they’ll just have to click “Yes.” This opens the SMS (texting) app on their phone, with a pre-filled message ready to send to the phone number/short code provided by your SMS software. All they have to do is hit send and that’s it! They’re now on your list.

As SMS marketing continues to grow in popularity and ROI, it’s critical to start building your database and engage with customers on their terms. This new feature is a great way to start collecting mobile SMS opt-ins in the most efficient way possible. 

For in-depth advice on growing your SMS marketing, get in touch with our experts at Essence of Email. You can also check out our latest success story for our client and their SMS success


April saw a 49% jump in US eCommerce sales

Lockdown has been extremely difficult for many businesses – but not eCommerce, it seems! As a result of lockdown, some online retailers experienced Black Friday-like sales last month. According to new data from Adobe’s Digital Economy Index, US eCommerce jumped 49% in April, compared to the baseline period in early March before shelter-in-place restrictions went into effect. Online grocery sales helped drive the increase, with a 110% boost in daily sales between March and April. Meanwhile, electronic sales were up 58% and book sales have doubled.

The numbers indicate that consumers are willing to spend on products that will help them get through the COVID-19 crisis more comfortably. This includes, to a large extent, online grocery pickups and deliveries.

Some retail companies, including Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart, have hired more workers to help with increased consumer demand. Instacart even became profitable for the first time, The Information recently reported, due to the surge triggered by the pandemic. According to the report, the company sold around $700 million worth of groceries during the first two weeks of April, up 450% over its December 2019 sales.

In addition to growth in specific categories, April also saw sizable growth in “buy online, pick up in store” orders. From April 1 through April 20, these surged 208% year-over-year as people attempted to practice social distancing while shopping.

Adobe’s report also found that eCommerce sales of wine, beer, and spirits were up 74% in April, as consumers continued to plow through the COVID-19 crisis – with a little help from alcohol. 

Take a look at the following link for more info.


SparkPost and ActionIQ create an email integration

ActionIQ, a customer data platform for enterprises, and SparkPost, an email delivery and analytics engine, have joined forces. The two companies recently announced an integrated solution to bringing real-time email delivery, intelligence, and personalization to brands. 

The combined solution delivers improved personalized and contextual email experiences to customers, while increasing revenue potential for brands—all at a significantly lower cost.

The key to improved engagement is personalization backed by data and intelligence. ActionIQ’s platform unifies all of an enterprise’s data to drive intelligence and cross-channel personalization, including email. Meanwhile, SparkPost offers state-of-the-art deliverability analytics and intelligence, which is fed in real-time back to ActionIQ. The process ensures that each send is responding to individual consumer behavior and dynamically creating personalized experiences based on their preferences. Overall, the aim of the integration is to allow organizations to better tackle challenges related to scalability at cost, customer relevance, and personalization.

As the marketing world continues to lean on digital solutions to engage customers, ActionIQ and SparkPost’s partnership comes at a pivotal time. By helping brands to deal with new marketing pressures and constraints in an increasingly budget-conscious environment, this integration is impressively relevant. We love seeing smart solutions like this one, and we’ve been checking it out for ourselves at Essence of Email!


How to list feature products in stealth mode

When you’re running an online store, coming up with new email content week after week can be tricky. You’re already focusing on maintaining your website, fulfilling orders, and providing customer support – creativity is probably last on your list. Plus, the pressure to create a fresh newsletter every week is just one more responsibility. 

Don’t panic just yet though, because we’re here to help! This week, we selected an email template that you can use to present one single product, that depends on the segment, and a list of featured products. The template was created by Essence of Email’s designers for Privy’s template library, where you can find it alongside a list of 11 other emails.

If you need more inspiration for emails with ‘featured products’ sections, check out the selection at Really Good Emails.


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