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June 26, 2020


Is your brand SMS-savvy?

As more brands look to target customers on the move and people get fed up from the traditional social media advertisement, SMS is becoming an increasingly essential part of effective multi-channel marketing. 

Did you know that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences? This is a strong indicator that retailers should look to text messaging in order to personalize their content and strengthen their brand voice. 

On the other hand, brands still mistakenly believe that mobile marketing requires heavy investment in apps, does not allow for personalized, targeted communication, and lacks strong analysis to support ROI. 

The reality is that access to mobile communications is far easier than perceived and gaining access to mobile consumers (smartphone and non-smartphone) can be as simple as sending a personalized, targeted text message. The means to start a two-way SMS messaging between a company and their mobile users is essential to building a brand in households around the world, provided consumer privacy is protected through legal requirements for opt-in.

To make things around texting customers clearer, Attentive compiled this case study guide to help retailers do just that. They explain how brands are using SMS to fuel their personalized marketing strategies and drive revenue.

In this detailed case study guide, you’ll learn more about

  • Using two-way text messaging
  • Re-engaging SMS subscribers
  • Driving more online orders

We think a little text can go a long way so get Attentive’s guide today.


Postscript launches ReallyGoodTexts

If you’ve been in the email game for a while and have ever needed email inspiration, then you’ve more than likely encountered ReallyGoodEmails

Now, the same tool is available for text messages

Postscript, the SMS platform, just launched ReallyGoodTexts, a repository of great SMS examples. 

Before launching the tool, the Postscript team surveyed 1,000 merchants. A lot of them said they weren’t sure “what a good SMS looks like” – and we’re not surprised. Although it’s predicted that 48.7 million consumers will opt-in to receive business SMS messages in 2020, marketers still aren’t certain of what constitutes a good text. So, while brands are rushing to have their share by launching new SMS tools, it’s good to pause and take a look at strong examples first. 

As Alicia Thomas, Director of Community at Postscript, explains: “We think SMS is going to be *the* marketing channel of the next decade. But here’s the thing… we really don’t want to ruin text messaging! It’s such a personal channel, and today, >90% of texts sent are pretty bad… they’re not targeted, have spammy creative… and are just plain annoying. At Postscript, we’re on a mission to teach the world how to do SMS marketing the right way, in an empathy-driven way.”


You wouldn’t email a soccer player about the latest basketball shoes, would you?

The point is – you need to keep it relevant! Using visitor segmentation is one of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. At its core, visitor segmentation involves grouping site visitors into segments based on broad characteristics. But in this day and age, that’s not enough. Businesses need to take it a step further by combining data and automation into actionable insights to personalize visitors’ online experience from the start.

Our agency partner, Justuno, recently released their Data-Driven Segmentation Strategies for E-Commerce guide. The guide explains how to leverage on-site interactional data from Justuno with powerful segmentation strategies. This data can then be used to create targeted email marketing campaigns, designed by Omnisend, to engage and convert visitors. 

The guide also covers data collection, targeting strategies, and data-driven automated campaigns. If you want to learn how to make your marketing relevant to your visitors, this guide is a worthwhile read. 


Upsell while maintaining your brand voice

This SMS from NaturAll Club is a great example of how brands can use SMS marketing to upsell while maintaining their brand voice. 

The sharp and precise copy reflects NaturAll Club’s position as a cosmetics brand that knows their customers. 

The overall design is fresh, clean, and uncluttered, so the SMS doesn’t look spammy! A clear CTA keeps the focus on the main goal of the message – to upsell.

We say: great job! NatureAll Club obviously knows how to take advantage of SMS marketing.


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