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December 18, 2020


Get your content strategy ready for 2021​

Standing out and smashing through the noise with top-notch content should definitely be a priority for marketers in 2021. The takeaways from Fire&Spark’s recent webinar – Ecommerce Marketing Summit: Outside-the-Box Content Tactics for 2021 – will help you shake up your content strategy and prepare for the upcoming year. 

Our Head of Strategy, Marija Pajkovic, teamed up with author and speaker Ryan Foland, and Fire&Spark’s Dale Bertrand to discuss fresh tactics that you can implement right away. 

The main takeaways of the webinar: 

Content that converts

  • Great content starts with a story, your story. Always give your content a personal touch 
  • Content is not hard to make, it’s time-consuming. But when you choose a platform you like, creating content will be an enjoyable process
  • If you create content no one sees, then it doesn’t exist. Share your content to get responses and start a conversation 

Game-changing email marketing

  • When it comes to strategy, monitor your performance regularly, and utilize customer insights. Be agile and reduce production time
  • Personalize your content as much as possible
  • Optimize your email design for your subscribers’ inboxes
  • Bold typography and colors will help your emails stand out. And don’t forget to experiment with GIFs and animation

Educational content for eCommerce

  • People are looking for information before they are ready to make their purchase decision – create educational content that we’ll give them answers
  • Product-focused articles, comparison content, and buying guides will get your informational content to convert

In the case that you have missed the live session, watch the whole webinar here


What to expect when nobody knows what to expect?

Ecommerce Trends - Weekly December 18
Source: Giphy

Since we’re still living in the unknown, it’s helpful when someone makes positive predictions. Especially when those predictions are about the bright future of martech!

Iterable surveyed 500 marketers in the U.S. and the U.K. for their 2021 Marketing Trends: Dissecting the Unexpected” report to find out what really matters to marketers.

Here’s what you should know. 

  • AI is going to be huge! As many as 83% of respondents say they’re likely to make artificial intelligence part of their 2021 marketing strategy, while 84% are already developing AI capabilities in-house
  • Expect even more personalization. Brands are looking to earn market share through a more personalized messaging approach with 78% of marketers saying they are planning to use zero-party data – the data provided by customers themselves. Plus, as we have mentioned before, people are quite willing to share their data in return for a more individualized experience
  • Apps are still a thing. The increase in mobile usage during the pandemic has brought some expected changes: more than 60% of surveyed brands already have a mobile app, while nearly 28% plan to build one in 2021. In addition, marketers are now looking to increase their use of in-app channels, web push notifications, and mobile push notifications next year
  • Customer acquisition remains the main priority. In 2021, marketers will focus on increasing new customer acquisition (as stated by 65%), improving data management, and optimizing marketing automation workflows

However, the study also notes that COVID-19 concerns will still be present next year. Marketers name the growing demand for convenience and safety as their biggest business concern in 2021. That said, brands will search for new martech solutions to spur creative offerings. They’re already thinking in this direction, given the fact that 60% of 2020 marketing budgets have increased or stayed the same.


Make data protection your New Year's resolution

Cybersecurity - Weekly December 18
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Something you probably don’t want to think about as the holidays approach is data and privacy regulations. But it’s something you can’t ignore – especially since data is a hot topic at the moment.

According to a recent article, Twitter was issued a fine of €450,000 (~$547,000) by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) for failing to promptly declare and properly document a data breach under Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The DPC’s decision relates to a breach that Twitter publicly disclosed in January 2019 – when a bug caused some of its Android users’ private tweets to be exposed to the public.

There’s more. Recent news has it that Subway’s loyalty program members in the U.K. and Ireland have received scam emails, trying to trick them into downloading malware. As it was later reported, luckily, the compromised system didn’t hold any bank or credit card details.

The bigger picture: companies have been collecting customer data for a long time, even before computers, in order to provide them with more individualized service. However, it was only recently that consumers started to question the way their data is collected and stored. As consumers are becoming more aware of the way companies are using their data, governments are also introducing new ways to regulate data collection. Plus, consumers say they need to trust a brand in order to buy from it. 

If you’re making data protection one of your brand’s New Year’s resolutions, let a team of email experts make sure it’s done right.


Feel the softness through the screen

Email inspo - Weekly December 18
Source: ReallyGoodEmails

Maybe the lack of sleep is affecting our judgment, but don’t these cushions look super cozy? Or is it just the fact that Hem knows how to craft a super appealing email?

In this holiday-themed email, the brand decided to go with the product-focused approach, and feature a big and colorful hero image that instantly grabs your attention. The image is backed up with sweet and simple festive copy, inviting the customers to shop for gifts. 

Following on from the emotion-evoking intro, the reader sees the product’s close-up in a section that emphasizes the high quality of the brand. 

Why we love it: it’s a perfect combination of a warm hero image and body copy, with a more practical product section – all glitzed up with plenty of Christmas spirit. 

Source: ReallyGoodEmails.


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