Gain Strategic Visibility on Your Email Marketing

If you need some expert guidance on the state of our current email marketing strategy, this Email Strategy Audit is perfect for you.

The goal of the audit is to provide you with a comprehensive 360-view of your email marketing program and an actionable guide on how to improve it.

Here's a good example of an email audit we did for one of our clients, with implemented solutions and delivered results. This client earned $640,000 with their email program in under 3 months after the initial Email Strategy Audit was performed.

We'll be looking at several areas with the audit:

Email Campaign Review

We begin by doing a comprehensive review of all email marketing campaigns you sent within the last 2 years. This gives us a baseline pulse of your historic and current email marketing program.

Here, we dive into both the "hard" data (numbers and metrics) as well as the "soft" data (copywriting, design, brand messaging).

On the hard data side, we'll evaluate your A/B testing, segmentation, sending frequency, and email list growth practices. This is a very numbers-heavy portion of the audit, as successful eCommerce email marketing is critically data-reliant in the current competitive landscape.

On the soft data side, our creative team will do a thorough analysis of your email campaign content and offer best-practices and specific recommendations from high-performing campaigns from industry leaders and our own data for your brand niche.

Automated Email Review

One of the beautiful things about email marketing is implementing fully-automated, user-action driven email messages. When properly set up, these automated email funnels are probably the closest thing to a money-printing machine as it's going to get.

That said, we often see very under-optimized, missing, or simply poor-performing email automation flows for many eCommerce brands. Thus, the goal with this portion of the audit is to first benchmark your current live email automations against comparable industry standards and best-practices.

From there, we will provide how to adjust the messaging and logic to improve the results, as well as recommendations about the potential new email flows and touch-points that should be created. Our team will additionally provide documentation with specific instructions on how to properly implement these, as well as best practice examples.

Email Deliverability Review

On average, around 20% of all emails are not delivered and this number increases with marketing emails. Thus, great deliverability is one of those critical, yet often hidden ingredients to your email marketing success.

You can have the greatest email campaigns in the world and still fail if they aren't actually reaching your subscribers' inboxes properly.

To prevent this, we want to identify any possible issues that have an impact on the deliverability of your account.

We'll analyze your sending infrastructure (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and possible blacklisting issues). Then, we'll evaluate your overall sender reputation across multiple criteria, ranging from direct indicators of reputation and aggregated panel benchmarks to indirect indicators via user behavior and (lack of) engagement.

Ready to start on your email strategy audit? Let's schedule a time to talk.