Looking for email marketing services that will drive repeat eCommerce sales for your brand? Whatever level of support you may need – full strategic support, content, or just a technical fix – we can help.



Our strategic email marketing services will drive repeat customers for your business. From list cleaning to email automation, we create a customized email marketing program for each client.



Getting customers to pay attention is tough. We can provide you with custom-branded email templates, catchy copies, and optimized campaign calendars to drive your sales.



From cleaning your email list to migrating to a new ESP, we’ll solve all your technical problems. We can help you ensure that your emails don’t end up in the spam mailbox and solve any technical problems you encounter along the way.



We can help develop and launch browser, SMS, and messenger notifications on sales, promotions, products left in the cart, and discounts that will get people to return to your website.

Email Marketing Services for the Beauty Industry

Email marketing works like magic for all beauty products – from those used on a daily basis to luxury treats. No one likes to get caught off guard to realize they are out of their favorite beauty product. Send your customers a perfectly-timed restocking email to drive your sales.

Our clients in the beauty industry generate an average of 173x ROI on their email marketing investment.

Email Marketing Services for the Homeware Industry

Cleverly timed, segmented, and personalized emails can help busy customers remember to place their order on time. Our previous campaigns have included reminders to change air filters, store restock suggestions, and home improvement ideas for the new season.

Our clients in the homeware industry generate an average of 75x ROI on their email marketing investment.

Email Marketing Services for the Health and Medical Industry

Whether your customers are baby boomers or millennials, email is an excellent channel for caring for your clients’ needs at the right time, with the right products.

Our clients in the medical industry generate an average of 13x ROI on their email marketing investment.

Email Marketing Services for the Sporting Goods Industry

From back-in-stock announcements to sales and promotions, sporting goods customers love making sure that their sports gear is stocked and up-to-date.

Our clients in the sports goods industry generate an average of 85x ROI on their email marketing investment.

Email Marketing Services for the Jewelry Industry

In the jewelry industry, we’ve helped our clients craft emails featuring new products, discount codes, and one-day-only deals.

Our clients in the jewelry industry generate an average of 45x ROI on their email marketing investment.

Email Marketing Services for the Food Industry

Some of our favorite and most fun campaigns have been in the food industry. 

Check out our story on how ‘Food to Live’ increased email marketing revenue per subscriber by 110%.

Our clients in the food industry generate an average of 44x ROI on their email marketing investment.

Email Marketing Services for the Accessories Industry

In the accessories market, the total revenue generated through online sales is predicted to grow from 26% in 2019 to 33% in 2023.

From drip campaigns to loyalty schemes, email marketing drives repeat sales and creates loyal customers. We have experience working across a variety of industries, including car, phone, and fashion brands.

Our clients in the accessories industry generate an average of 13x ROI on their email marketing investment.

Email Marketing Services for the Apparel Industry

In the apparel industry, we approach marketing as an attempt to encourage your customers to return to your website and browse your looks. We let your products speak for themselves. Cultivating this habit can lead to a profitable business – especially when backed by a custom-tailored email marketing campaign.

Our clients in the apparel industry generate an average of 105x ROI on their email marketing investment.

Trusted by 300+ eCommerce Stores

Great work! Awesome design services in conveying our message.
Very quick and efficient and they worked with all of our last minute changes! Awesome team!
The Essence of Email team helped us transition to Klaviyo from another ESP. They helped a ton to make it a smooth transition and we greatly appreciate their help.
Very professional and efficient... quite honest and not "salesy".
I highly recommend Essence of Email for growing companies who are SERIOUS about their email marketing programs!
One of the best teams I've hired to help – a must if you sell online.
Always a pleasure to work with! Highly recommended.
When it comes to increasing revenue and, maybe more importantly, your RELATIONSHIP with your subscribers and customers, I recommend Essence of Email very highly.
We always knew that email was an important channel for us, but never prioritized it internally. Within months of hiring Essence of Email, they had brought a process and consistency to our email sending strategy. My only regret is that we should have hired them much sooner.
We've used Essence of Email’s services before, and like the previous times, their professionalism in carrying out our migration from Mailchimp to Klaviyo was fantastic.

They made the ESP migration process fast and easy. We received regular updates with clear communication, had all of our questions answered promptly, and have been able to continue to execute our email marketing strategy with no disruption.
Working with Essence of Email has been the only positive agency experience I've ever had. Their team is very professional. They deliver quality results in a timely manner and communication is excellent throughout the process. I would highly recommend their services.
The team at Essence of Email has been fantastic to work with! They set us up so we have been doing regular email campaigns in Klaviyo and breathed new life into our email flows, all at a great return. Everything looks professional, and their team is quick and easy to work with.
Our email marketing results with Essence of Email have been fantastic. The team is a pleasure to work with and they truly care about delivering results. From the high quality design that matches our brand to connecting with our customers, we have seen much better results over the big marketing companies we had worked with previously. We highly recommend them.
Essence of Email managed our email marketing campaigns and flows. Their efforts increased our sales, and helped clean our lists of undesirable emails. Essence of Email also came up with ideas for flows that reached customers in additional touchpoints where they were more likely to make a purchase. Their designer comes up with beautiful, creative, on-brand graphics and their team puts together attractive copy for our campaigns.
I've enjoyed working with Essence of Email, and Justuno, which helps us keep our list growing with relevant subscribers. I think they really understand and connect with our brand and our customers and they handle everything, from planning, execution, and scheduling. They understand our core customer and the messaging and artwork that appeals to them. They are also competitive like I am and enjoy sharing and watching stats to see how our campaigns and flows are performing, try new things, etc. I feel like I can openly share ideas and let them figure out how those ideas can fit into our schedule or our existing flows. They are positive and eager to take on new challenges and help. I really have the best team!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take until I start generating email revenue?

Each client is unique, but most of our clients see a jump in email revenue two to four months after we implement our strategy.

How can your email marketing agency help me improve deliverability for my email campaigns?

To understand what causes poor deliverability, we first run a deliverability audit, including checks of the authentication setup, spam triggers, and IP address reputation. We then address each issue to ensure your emails land in the inbox and avoid the dreaded spam folder.

How does the process of creating emails work once I start working with your email marketing agency?

Explore the steps of the email creation process, from meeting your team to quality assurance, in this blog post. For more information on our process, schedule a free consultation and we’ll walk you through each step.