September 29, 2020

7 Creative and Proven Ways to Grow Your Email List

One of the key ways to improve your email marketing is to grow your email list quickly and intelligently (hint: don't buy email lists). Here are 7 effective ways to grow your email subscribers list.

1. Checkout Email Capture

The best way to build a base for your email list is to make sure you are capturing emails from your new customers during the checkout process. You should have an opt-in checkbox so that they can subscribe to your marketing emails.

Keep in mind that the laws for what is acceptable vary by country. Having a pre-checked opt-in box for maximum emails captured is what we recommend (if your country allows it).

2. Pop-Up Website Overlay Form

Another fantastic way to grow your email list is to implement a pop-up website overlay form. The optimal incentive to use varies, but we've found that a straight discount off the first order (% or $ off) works best to capture email addresses.

To make sure you are not overexposing your visitors to the popup, we recommend utilizing a set of logic conditions. Many third-party software companies can handle this, such as JustUno, Privy, SumoMe, etc. A sample set of conditions:

• New Visitors Only AND• Time on Page > 45 seconds AND• Visited at Least 3 Pages AND• Had Exit Intent

3. Sweepstakes or Virtual Giveaways

Giving the prospects a chance to win a prize has proved to be a great way of increasing the number of sign-ups. Facebook and Instagram are a good place to effectively run sweepstakes, such as contests and giveaways. We recommend you partner up with some other company with which you can join forces to create fascinating prize packages that will be truly worth leaving your email.

As the campaign ends, it is important to prevent yourself from the post-contest unsubscribes. Do this by showing them the value they'll provide from remaining subscribed.

4. Try Locking Your Content

It simply means that you're blocking part of the content until a user subscribes. In order to do this, first, check your Google Analytics to see which are the most visited blog posts and then use the gated content marketing method on the most popular or relevant articles for the visitors. This is a useful technique if you're providing important content which gives value, and users will be obligated to subscribe.

5. Content Incentive

Another popular way to garner email signups is by using a piece of content as an incentive to sign up. These could include an eBook, video series, inside information, etc. The key is to make sure the ROI on these prospects is positive since someone interested in information isn't necessarily an actual customer of your product.

6. Discount Coupons in Exchange For a Subscription

If your website includes some type of eCommerce, you can offer a discount voucher for their first purchase. Coupon code sent to their email address given for the subscription is how it is usually done. This is a great way to grow your email list, but you have to make sure you're prepared to retain the gained users afterward.

7. Live Events

If you run any sort of live events, such as trade shows or pop-up shops, you should consider capturing people's email addresses when they stop by your booth. Remember to follow up with them shortly after the event, so they don't forget about signing up.

These are examples of things that you can start doing even today. The key is to make a strategy that will help you collect emails from a few different channels.

As you grow your email list, you will be able to take your potential customers through the funnel and turn them from subscribers into sales-ready leads.

Check out other tips on growing your email list or get in touch with our Essence of Email experts to get even better results faster.

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