Grow Your Email List The Right (and Profitable) Way
Your email subscriber list is at the core of any successful eCommerce email marketing strategy. The revenue you can generate from the email channel lives and dies by how well you can build your email subscriber list.

When it comes to list building, there are numerous tactics you can utilize, but not all tactics are created equal. Some are great for driving high subscriber numbers, but lead to a bunch of low quality, throw-away subscribers. Other tactics violate legal regulations and can land you in hot water with regulators. Still other email list growth tactics may be successful for another brand, but doesn't work well for your particular audience.

The key is to find the right email list growth strategy for your brand, so you build a fast-growing, engaged, and highly profitable email list. On average, brands lose 20% of their existing email lists annually due to subscriber attrition. This means having a successful email list building strategy is mandatory if you want to outpace the attrition and continue to increase your email channel revenue.

We've been helping eCommerce brands build thriving GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliant email lists for almost a decade. So it suffices to say, we have a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to email list growth. And most importantly, we know how to do it in a fast and sustainable way, so that you are not shooting yourself in the foot by throwing money at building a large, unprofitable email list.

Sounds interesting? Let's schedule a chat and see if we can work together to build your email list.