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Email marketing is more powerful than ever before. It's also more complex than people realize. If you want your emails to be remembered, you need a team of focused specialists.

That's where we come in. Our teams are organized by area of expertise. Each team is made up of specialists in the areas critical to successful email marketing. The individual perspective of each of our team members is what makes our approach unique and gets us maximum results for our clients.

We have clients across many industries and market segments, giving us a clear view of what works in different situations and in every stage of a company's growth.
Essence of Email took our email marketing and automation to the next level. They were integral in helping us go to where we are today. I highly recommend them!
Alex Brecher, Founder & CEO of BariatricPal
They don't stop
We take a highly disciplined, process-driven, iterative approach every single time.
Completing our clients' campaigns and flows on-time and error-free is our priority. Creating tailored email strategies is always a work in process. Our iterative approach ensures we get better as time goes on. Improving our processes, adapting to our clients' needs, and learning about their customers allows us to keep building on our results.

All of our teams are in-house. They stay ready and waiting to adapt their strategies according to client results and the changing business landscape. This gives our clients' strategies every opportunity to succeed.

We adapt to your needs
as quickly as the market changes.
Do you need help with your strategy, execution, or brand? All three are important, but we'll tweak our approach depending on which one you value most. Your primary focus will become our primary focus.
We know everything
there is to know about eCommerce.
We have no desire to be a full-service provider. Instead, we go deep. We have a proven track record in delivering powerful email strategies for eCommerce and we are constantly upping our game. Tell us what you need and we'll deliver the best possible retention experience for your business – no matter what industry you're in.
Email Marketing Solutions for the Health and Medical Industry
Whether your customers are baby boomers or millennials, email is an excellent channel for caring for your clients' needs at the right time, with the right products.

Our clients in the health&medical industry generate an average of 13x ROI on their email marketing investment.
Email Marketing Solutions for the Food Industry
Some of our favorite and most interesting campaigns have been in the food industry. Check out our story on how our client 'Food to Live' increased their email marketing revenue per subscriber by 110%.

Our clients in the food industry generate an average of 44x ROI on their email marketing investment.
Email Marketing Solutions for the Accessories Industry
In the accessories market, the total revenue generated through online sales is predicted to grow from 26% in 2019 to 33% by 2023.

From drip campaigns to loyalty schemes, email marketing drives repeat sales and creates loyal customers. We have experience working across a variety of industries, including car, phone, and fashion brands.

Our clients in the accessories industry generate an average of 13x ROI on their email marketing investment.
Email Marketing Solutions for the Beauty Industry
Email marketing works like magic for all beauty products – from those used on a daily basis to luxury treats. No one likes to get caught off guard and realize they are out of their favorite beauty product. Send your customers a perfectly-timed restocking email to drive your sales.

Our clients in the beauty industry generate an average of 173x ROI on their email marketing investment.
Email Marketing Solutions for the Apparel Industry
In the apparel industry, we approach marketing as an attempt to encourage your customers to return to your website and browse your looks. We let your products speak for themselves. Cultivating this habit can lead to a profitable business – especially when backed by a custom-tailored email marketing campaign.

Our clients in the apparel industry generate an average of 105x ROI on their email marketing investment.
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