How ‘Food to Live’ Increased Email Marketing Revenue per Subscriber by 110%



Food to Live is an online store for organic healthy food and ingredients. It offers organic seeds, nuts, legumes and dried fruit, as well as various exotic spices and mixes.

Customer Base: Anyone interested in eating healthy

Email Service Provider (ESP): MailChimp

Shopping Cart: WooCommerce

Other Apps:

  • JustUno – for overlay popup
  • Conversio – for on-site recommendations and product reviews
  • Proonto – live chat plug-in

Food to Live wanted to get more out of their email marketing channel

1. Increasing the breadth and depth of the channel

Food to Live started with a very small list size (2,471 subscribers) and a very few unique orders placed (20). The objective here was to steadily work towards increasing the subscriber base and to increase the number of unique orders, which would translate to revenue. Additionally, we needed to complete the integration of Food to Live’s shopping cart with their ESP, which would enable us to use the full functionality of both.

2. Building out the flows and campaign templates

At the start of the engagement, Food to Live had a basic campaign template that was sent out to a small number of subscribers, and no flows. We wanted to change that by updating and optimizing the templates and including new flows, such as five Prospect Welcome emails and a Browse Abandonment flow.

A custom-made master email template

3. The ultimate challenge – increase the revenue

The starting revenue for Food to Live was around $1,800, 100% of which came from the 4 monthly campaigns they sent. Our goal here was to increase the revenue by optimizing the campaigns and making them visually appealing, while introducing flows for a more targeted approach to bouncing and new/potential customers.

Strategy Overview

We recommended a general overhaul of the channel – improving the visuals and optimizing the templates, as well as including new flows for a targeted approach to the customer behavior on-site.

Our goal was to expand the list size as fast as possible, while generating progressively more revenue with more campaign sends and targeted flows.


We set up somewhat complicated but incredibly efficient sequences.


Campaign Title: Oops, we’re actually giving 15% off on Black Friday!

This email was the highest performing email sent in November 2017, solely from a revenue standpoint. A promo was run introducing a coupon for 15% off, and the result was 119 orders from this email alone to equal a total value of $12,054.


Once we finished the integration between the client’s ESP and shopping cart, we saw and immediate jump in subscriber numbers, as well as client engagement metrics and revenue. We didn’t stop at this, however, and continued including new items, such as a popup overlay, which helped us get an even stronger subscriber influx.

Making beautiful campaigns and efficient automations became the fundamental principle which guided our strategy with Food to Live, and it brought great results, with the client saying they’ve ‘achieved email sales target’ in every client satisfaction survey we sent up to date. Additionally, the client is enjoying a good, healthy relationship with their subscribers through various items in a nurture sequence, which was one of our initial long term goals.

Building a successful email marketing channel is not always just about revenue, but also about being efficient, mindful, and resourceful, and we achieved a complete success in this with Food to Live.

What Next?

The presented goals and changes we implemented for Food to Live are only the tip of the iceberg. Considering the client’s industry, as well as the good base we created with our engagement so far, we feel there’s a lot of potential for this channel to improve and keep growing in the future. New technologies, new integrations, new platforms – every option is open and viable.

This case study showcases how building relationships, campaigns, and flows are all required in synergy to make a channel really blossom and grow strong. Creating beautiful emails and showcasing the product in the right way are very important reasons why a channel’s revenue is high, while building relationships with your customers is definitely not something that can just spring up overnight – it takes consistent strategy, effort and patience.

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