Essence of Email Weekly - Should Netflix step up its email marketing game?

AUGUST 21, 2020


Should Netflix step up its email marketing game?

Before we dive in… The COVID-19 crisis has had an enormous impact on the TV and film industry, halting film production and closing cinemas across the globe. After several months of complete shutdowns, production is slowly resuming in certain countries. But for the time being, people are getting most of their entertainment from streaming services, and these companies are thriving. With huge numbers of people streaming shows and movies, services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have become even more popular.
The question is – can they effectively use all of their channels to provide their customers with the best possible experience?
For Netflix, this might be a problem. Joel Hruska recently unmasked the company’s problematic email marketing strategy in a hilariously relatable article. In his blog post, Hruska focuses on how Netflix spams its subscribers with unnecessary emails on a daily basis.
He complains that Netflix went from sending 4-7 emails per month to emailing him every day and a half. Reminders, suggestions, recaps, rewatches, new shows, old shows… the list is endless. Tired of “neurotic reminders”, Hruska decided to block Netflix, and his frustration is completely understandable.
This is a perfect example of just how important a good email marketing strategy is for any business, and how all channels employed by brands are interdependent. If you’re not careful, you’ll probably end up with an angry customer. They might not only unsubscribe from your emails, but from your services too.
Takeaway: Netflix should reconsider how often they email their subscribers in order to save their email list and avoid high spam complaint rates. What they (and basically every brand) need for this is a serious email sending frequency strategy. Luckily, our experts at Essence of Email have a solution: a tactical frequency model which helps fine-tune the sending frequency and keeps spam complaint rates within the industry standards.
What about your business? Have you checked your complaint rates recently?

Email tech trends worth your attention

As email marketing has been around for a relatively long time, some may regard it as an outdated promotion channel. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even now, email is still one of the most effective marketing channels, and email technology just keeps improving. There’s a variety of tools and tactics you can use to improve your email strategy, and Associations Now is bringing you some of the latest and greatest.

Images in Gmail Promotion cards

These image previews are displayed under an email entry in the Gmail Promotions tab and will help you display the most vibrant part of your email. The images work well with subject lines, as they create an informative and enticing preview, which increases the chances of people opening your emails.

Artificial intelligence

AI can help you with both creating emails and analyzing metrics, enabling you to figure out what works best for your email program. Based on this, you’ll be able to optimize your emails for better outreach. What’s more, AI can pinpoint what type of content is most effective and create enticing subject lines and copy for your brand – possibly (or probably?) to the extent of replacing copywriters in the future. For extra information on how AI can boost your eCommerce email marketing, head to Essence of Email’s blog post.

Email Signature

Often overlooked, email signatures can be a great way of getting more visibility – so don’t make them an afterthought. Instead, create a simple, effective, clean signature that includes your company’s logo and use it consistently. You’ll spark interest in you and your business, and get some instant brand recognition.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is having a moment. It makes reading easier, it looks cool and sleek, and it reduces the display power draw. So, it’s no wonder that it’s becoming increasingly popular. Many apps and platforms have been scrambling to use this functionality – and now it’s email’s turn. But that’s where things get tricky. It seems that certain email service platforms are turning dark mode on automatically, which might mess up your email design.
Our take: “When email clients change the theme to dark mode, they invert the colors of all the elements except your images. This proves to be a challenge for designers because we have to think of creative ways to make an image asset work on a dark and bright background at the same time. The most common technique for this is to add white strokes around your dark elements; however, as dark mode becomes more accessible, I am sure we will see better and more efficient solutions”, says Armin Avdic, Graphic Designer at Essence of Email.
Be sure to keep an eye on email technology trends, as these innovations could mean lots of exciting opportunities for your business. For more information, check out this article.

Walmart’s online sales soared… again

It seems that everything is coming up roses for Walmart. As a result of the pandemic, consumers relied even more on this retail giant and its online sales soared during Q1, leading to a 74% jump in eCommerce revenue.
This upwards trend hasn’t stopped since.
Several days ago, it was announced that the company’s Q2 results showed a U.S. comp-store sales increase of 9.3% over Q2 2019. Digital sales rose from 180 basis points in Q1 to 600 basis points in Q2.
“We’re pleased with the progress we’re making on,” said Walmart CEO, McMillon. “We had really strong sales growth and significantly reduced losses. The tailwinds we’re experiencing are accelerating our progress to build a healthier eCommerce business as we add new brands, improve product mix, grow the marketplace and achieve more fixed cost leverage. The stores and online merchant teams are now integrated. And we believe we will benefit from that change going forward.”
Whether or not the company continues to reach the heights achieved so far, remains to be seen. Walmart has already expressed concern regarding the fact that back-to-school sales are off to a slow start. “Back-to-school is just one component of the quarter,” said McMillon. “And we’ll have to sort out how customers want to shop as we go, but we think our inventory is well-positioned. And we’ll just react location by location. I don’t think we have a lot of liability exposure there. The sales exposure will be mixed as we go through the quarter and manage other parts of our business.”
Source: PYMNTS

Validity launches Everest, a brand-new email success platform

Validity, an email deliverability platform, recently announced the launch of Everest, a brand-new platform for email optimization, analytics, and delivery.
Since more and more businesses are turning to email marketing, competition has never been fiercer. Validity hopes to get ahead of its rivals by providing this sophisticated email solution.
Validity says that the new platform will combine capabilities and features of 250ok, BriteVerify, and ReturnPath – all of which the company acquired in the past few years. Everest also announced the addition of several key features “not found in any other solution on the market”. It’ll provide actionable insight into all 3 stages of campaign creation and development: pre-send email optimization, in-flight performance, and post-send monitoring and data collection.
With this, they hope to help businesses deliver more emails, get more customers engaged, maintain a healthy marketing database, and gain competitive intelligence.
“Everest aids email marketers across their entire marketing workflow, including list hygiene, program strategy, email creative, delivery optimization, and post-delivery analytics,” said Scott Ziegler, Validity’s senior vice president. “Bringing together the best pieces of Validity – which includes 250ok, Return Path, and BriteVerify – allows us to deliver the most complete email product in the market. Seeing the whole picture is key to maximizing ROI from your email program.”
Our take: ”Up to this point, no email service provider offered the option to combine and display deliverability numbers within a platform itself. Not without additional apps, that is. Everest changed that. With email technology becoming an increasingly crowded space, I’m glad to see innovations and continued competition. It’s a win for end users!” said Dejan Georgiev, Team Lead at Essence of Email.

Not your average transactional email

Source: ReallyGoodEmails
Who said transactional emails need to be plain and simple, short and concise?
This email by MeUndies breaks the rules with its colorful vibes, fun layout, and absolute killer copy! And have you ever dreamed that your order might dedicate a haiku to you? What a time to be alive!
The layout of the email is well-organized. All of the important information is clearly stated. And, in addition to the basic info contained in every transactional email, this one features a cute hero with a creative piece of copy. Kudos to MeUndies copywriter who pulled this off so elegantly!
Spacing inconsistencies and a few other details aside, this email is a breath of fresh air among the dull, uniform transactional emails.
Final verdict: We love it!