How Often Should You Email Your Subscribers?

email sending frequency

If you send too often, you risk alienating your list and generating too high of a contact loss rate, driving down your list engagement. If you send too infrequently, you can leave a lot of money on the table by not capturing the revenue potential of your email list.

Fortunately, we have a strategic approach to this email sending frequency dilemma. The model is outlined below:
Frequency Segmentation Model, Essence of Email

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Email Sending Frequency

The core idea is that you are sending at a higher frequency to your most engaged/active subscribers, and at a lower frequency to the less active subscribers.

Moving Up and Down the Tiers

Each frequency tier is ideally structured so that subscribers automatically move up and down based on them crossing the threshold criteria for each tier. There are several factors you can use to define the threshold criteria, such as a certain open rate, click rate, number of emails received, and time since last order.

Re-Engaging Subscribers

The Re-Engagement Series is a sequence of automated emails that attempt to “reactivate” the subscriber. Typically we recommend a 3-email sequence:

1) a simple check-in email
2) a personalized discount
3) an explicit call-to-action to resubscribe.

Check out theseĀ 12 successful re-engagement emails.

When set up correctly, this model will allow you to send at a higher frequency (you can experiment with how high you can go) while not bombarding your less active subscribers with email. If you have the internal resources to create emails, you can start with 1x per week for the highest tier and then scale up or down as necessary.

Xiaohui “X” Wang is a veteran of the email marketing industry, having led the strategic and tactic efforts for over 250+ eCommerce clients ranging from small mom & pops to IR500 retailers. He is super passionate about all things email and constantly keeps abreast of the cutting edge of email technology.




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