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Why do you need a high-quality email template?
If you feel like your emails are same-old, boring stuff that don't bring any engagement or sales, or if you think they don't convey what your brand is about, you might need an email template refresh.

A custom-made email template will fulfill your brand's needs with responsive blocks and sections that can be personalized for each of your recipients.

This means that you'll be able to create many different email campaigns using just one template, all the while delivering on-brand, top-notch customer experience! Not only will you get better-performing, gorgeous emails, but you'll also make the email creation process easier, faster, and smoother.
Not all elements will be used in every campaign, as the blocks of content can be added or removed depending on your current needs. Because this is a template and not a one-time campaign, our team will not be working on creating the copy for your hero image and body. Instead, Lorem Ipsum placeholders will be used.
An extensive, responsive, mobile-optimized email template that's tailored to your brand and your customers' needs.
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Footer with social media icons, physical address, subscription preferences, and ''unsubscribe'' link
Section for your brand's slogan or value proposition
Blog post section for raising brand awareness
Promotional or informative banners
Product reviews/Social proof
Static or dynamic product feed
Engaging hero image with a call-to-action button (CTA)
Prominent logo and header navigation
Social media feed linking to different channels
Narrow preheader and ''View Online'' bar
Templates we created
Data meets creativity and intuition
For our client, 1Thrive, we created a responsive template with several key points important to the brand:
Data-driven approach: We extracted heat maps from their past emails to see which sections had the highest click rates. Based on these maps, we created an intuitive template with several highlighted blocks that will further improve click rates and engagement, conversion, and sales.

On-brand experience: We updated and improved the client's template to better align with their website and the overall look and feel of the brand. By doing this, recipients will get a seamless brand experience across all channels.

Seamless template flow and composition: A great template contains all the possible sections a brand might feature in their emails.. Not every section will be used in every email, but it's important that they're included in a template. That way, the brand's internal team, or an agency, can add or remove sections without breaking the template flow.

Different product promoting sections: For a brand with a strong product, finding different, creative ways to promote it is a must. To avoid bland, uniform emails, we created several different product grids that the client can switch between, depending on their needs and goals.
One template to wow them all
Our client, Decocrated, is an exuberant brand that offers stylish home decor products. Here's what we achieved when creating their email template:
Customizability: This client offers seasonal subscription boxes. That means there's four different thematic units for their emails! So, to make the email creation process faster and easier, we crafted a highly customizable template with replaceable sections. This way, emails for all four seasonal boxes can be created with one template.

Brand building: The client rebranded, so it was important that the new template would be coherent with the new brand image and visuals. To achieve this, we took inspiration from their website, translating the brand imagery into an appealing email experience.

Segmentation-friendliness: The brand's audience is split into dedicated customers and new visitors looking to discover the magic of Decocrated. The two groups have different needs and journeys. To suit them both and provide a seamless customer experience, we created several different product feeds for email. This way, emails can be adjusted quickly and efficiently.
What eCom is all about
Whisker Seeker Tackle is the perfect example of a product-oriented eCommerce brand. When creating their template, we focused on:
User experience and clarity: Providing meaningful and relevant customer experience should be every brand's top priority. We did this by carefully combining Whisker Seeker's visual identity, creative product displays, and logical, easy-to-use sections leading customers through a simple and efficient journey.

Creative product display: With a wide array of different products, using a single product feed in every email in a no-no. So, to emphasize product benefits, we created several different product feeds – each perfect for a different product group. Direct and eye-catching, these feeds will help every customer find the right product to fit their needs.

Highlighted promotional elements: A variety of products calls for many different promotions and sales! To be clear and provide value to recipients, each promotional element in this template has been thoroughly thought out, designed, and implemented. Carefully positioned promotional copy, discounts, products, and calls-to-actions will increase the click rates and sales, all the while enhancing the customer journey and experience.
Whisker Seeker
See what our clients have to say
  • You have done a great job utilizing the colors/textures/type and capturing the whisker seeker look for your template.
    Josh Burhite
    Creative Director @ Whisker Seeker
  • These are all BEAUTIFUL! We were blown away by the different looks. You definitely struck the balance of incorporating lifestyle while still maintaining space. Absolutely thrilled with these!
    Kat Torre
    Marketing Manager @ 1Thrive
  • I'm excited about the template! It's great! I'm feeling good about the sections, and it'll be pretty simple for me to get the hang of it. I'm excited to use it!
    Alix Tingle
    CEO @ biocbd+
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