How to Grow Your Email List with TikTok

With over 2 billion downloads and 689 million active users in the world, TikTok is one of the most popular and talked-about social media in 2021. You shouldn’t even question whether to use this social network for growing your business, you just need to find the right approach.
How can you grow your email list using TikTok? And can you get actual leads creating content on TikTok?
According to a report by Marketincharts, the number of US adults on TikTok grew by 5.5 times gathering 14.3 million in March 2019.
In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about attracting more people to your account, have the TikTok algorithm on your side, and eventually get more traction from your subscribers.
Here are the best ways to grow your email list with TikTok and make the most of your audience for all purposes.

Setting Up Your Bio to Explain What You Are Offering

Your TikTok bio is one of the first elements that new visitors will see on your profile. For this reason, it is important to write an appealing bio that exactly represents who you are, what your content is about, and it can also include links.
In addition, adding emojis to your bio on TikTok will certainly make it more interesting to read and more attractive for new visitors.
Furthermore, and while this isn’t mandatory to get a good bio, we recommend adding a call-to-action (CTA). Whether you want to get people to check out your online course, your website, a blog post, or more, this is your chance. Make sure to read below to learn more about your CTA on TikTok.

According to a report by HubSpot, one of the best ways to optimize your bio on TikTok is to include a call-to-action to make all your visitors know what you’re offering and what type of other content you offer outside of TikTok.
Last but not least, make sure to include a link to make your bio complete, and this takes us to the following point.

Place a Link in Your Bio That Will Take the Audience to the Lead Capture Page

Other than writing an appealing bio, you’ll want to add a link to it to ultimately grow your email list with TikTok. In fact, TikTok gives you the option to add a link to your bio and we highly recommend taking advantage of it in order to bring new visitors to your website or simply add them to your newsletter list.
Whether you’re planning to redirect users to other pages or simply direct traffic to your website, this is a great way to promote your online business.
Plus, the whole principle of linking your business is to convert your followers into customers, and that’s the key to make your online business successful.
Other than that, a great way to grow your email list with TikTok is to post a link to your website where you’ll be asking for the visitor’s email address in exchange for an e-book, a report, a free course, and many more options.
For instance, if we take a look at the NBA’s TikTok bio, you will see that their link redirects to their website offering a free trial to their online live games streaming service.
Another example is Guess’s profile. In fact, their goal is to grow their YouTube channel and their CTA is “Subscribe to our YouTube channel”. This not only shows that it can drive direct traffic to your website but that it also can help grow your email list by engaging your TikTok audience.

So what’s next?
While you will end up getting more sign-ups to your email list this way, don’t stop here. Continue building relationships with your email base. Use one of the mass email services to send campaigns to engage bigger email lists and bring users through your sales funnel.

Have a Call-to-Action (CTA) at the End of Every Video

As mentioned before, having a CTA in your bio will allow you to push more sales and grow your email list. However, other than in the bio, adding a CTA at the end of each of your videos will help you get more newsletter subscribers and eventually grow your audience and fan base.
On top of that, if you’re willing to grow your fanbase, make your videos viral, and get a more favorable situation to elevate your online business, having a CTA will definitely help.
It simply makes sense to request an action at the end of the video, whether to ask your viewers to subscribe, to click on your link, or simply to provide their email address to grow your list — this is your chance.
A good example would be an organization advertising their Live Chat Software to their fanbase. Having a CTA to invite all viewers to check their latest software update, to try a free trial, or subscribe to their blog is a great way for them to grow their email list with TikTok.
Out of all the ways to become big and boost online sales, having a CTA at the end of every video is the one that will set you apart from your competitors.

Use a Series Style Approach to Keep Your Followers

There are several different ways to keep your followers, and using a series style is certainly one of the best and most addictive ones. In fact, users will follow you for your style, for your ideas and your content.
A series of videos will simply intrigue them and they will help make them viral. But what is more important is that you should be original and unique with your content.

According to a survey by Businessofapps, TikTok users spend on average 52 minutes per day on the app. For this reason, and since you can watch many videos in 52 minutes, being unique is crucial for keeping viewers until the end, driving users to your profile, and eventually getting their email addresses.

Of course, getting your content viral is one of the best ways to attract lots of subscribers, and creating a series style is an excellent way to start.

Offer Digital Giveaways

Digital giveaways are some of the best ways to gain subscribers easily and to get them addicted to your content. They can help you grow your email list using TikTok, and if possible, a giveaway contest would be an excellent option.
Other than getting more followers, a higher probability of going viral, and a higher engagement, organizing digital giveaways will also eventually drive you more sales.
The biggest benefits of creating online giveaways are:
  • Get more interaction on your post and get to know your audience better
  • Your contest will give you more visibility on the platform
  • Higher engagements on your videos
  • Grow your TikTok fan base

Play Smart with Your Hashtags

Hashtags, just like on any other social media such as Instagram or Twitter, are extremely important to be found on TikTok. But what are hashtags, and how can you use them on TikTok?
Essentially, hashtags are used to categorize the content so that users can find what they’re looking for. Needless to say, adding hashtags to your content will help get discovered, have more followers, and eventually grow your email list with TikTok.
Of course, using hashtags can’t guarantee that your videos will reach millions of people. However, you will certainly reach the right audience and this is exactly what you want in order to grow your fan base.
Furthermore, there is a community under every hashtag and getting your content available to that user base is essential to your marketing strategy.
On TikTok, you’ll be able to add up to 33 hashtags and this is a great feature to eventually push your CTA and get your email list bigger. And if you’re trying to send people to your website, make sure you have a good tool to build lists so you capture all your fans.
How many hashtags should you use on TikTok?
While the maximum number of hashtags that you can use on TikTok is 33, it’s recommended to select the 5 or 6 that match your content the most.
Note that your captions are limited to 100 characters and, you should, therefore, choose them carefully.


Now you know exactly how to grow your email list with TikTok, how to use the social media’s features to drive more traffic to your profile and elevate your online business.
With 689 million users on TikTok, this video-sharing social media platform has become one of the best ways to advertise your business, get your content more traction, and grow your audience.
Make sure to write an appealing and optimized bio with a call-to-action, make series-style videos, and create a digital giveaway to please your audience and attract new leads.
If you’re looking to grow your email list using TikTok, these are the best ways you should consider in 2021.
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