Reward customers for being your brand ambassadors.


How Referral and Loyalty Programs Work

Customer referral programs encourage and incentivize customers to spread the word of mouth for a product to their friends, acquaintances, and social media networks. People are more likely to try products suggested by somebody they know and trust – especially if their friend’s promotion includes a discount for them as well.
A loyalty program is a system of structured rewards given to customers, usually in exchange for desired behaviors, with the goals of increasing customer loyalty and collecting customer data.

End Result

High engagement rates, repeat sales, minimal input after setting automations, and endless opportunities for expansion and optimization.
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  • Heath Weaver

    Managing Director, Principal

    Heath Weaver has almost two decades of eCommerce digital marketing experience. He has run multiple agencies, headed up Search Engine Marketing for the consumer electronics division of Sony, and served as a Vice President at Trilogy Software. He enjoys working day-to-day with clients to level up their retention marketing game.

  • Xiaohui "X" Wang

    Founder, Principal

    Xiaohui "X" Wang is a veteran of the email marketing industry. In the last decade, he has led the strategic and tactic retention marketing efforts for over 300 ecommerce brands ranging from small mom & pops to IR500 retailers. He's passionate about all things eCommerce, email, and SMS.