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May 7, 2021


What do your metrics tell you?

Do you know what’s considered to be a good open rate in eCommerce? How high should your unsubscribe and spam rates be? What should you do if they‘re higher than average? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you might be underestimating the power of data.
Data is the beginning and the end of every successful marketing program. By making the tiniest adjustments, your performance could skyrocket. Data-driven marketing is the best way to support your decisions. It’s also the best way to ensure your strategy is in place, your messaging is consistent, your segmentation is spot-on, and much more.
In our most recent blog post, we rounded up some of the most important email KPIs: engagement metrics, revenue, and attrition metrics. You’ll learn how to measure them and what to do if they’re underperforming. We get straight to the point, so prepare to apply our actionable tips.
???????? Whether you’re a beginner at email marketing, or you just want to get more from your programs, check this out: 6 KPIs for Emails That Rock.
???? If you’re concerned about your metrics, you may need professional advice. We’d be happy to help!


How hard is it to win students over?

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Young people can be a tough crowd — and getting their attention now is an even bigger challenge.
SheerID, a discount platform, teamed up with Riddle & Bloom to survey 900 college students in the USA and Canada, and more than 400 students from France, Germany, and the UK. They were focused on finding out how student behavior has shifted and the best way to approach them.
The findings?
In short: Students love discounts. And being students. ????
A more detailed take: Students are still shopping: no more than 25% of students said the pandemic delayed their purchase decisions for the Fall 2021 term. However, their shopping habits (as expected) have shifted to online. More than 50% of US students spend more time shopping online, and therefore, spend more money online. So, a small piece of advice for brands — get ready for back-to-school purchases.
What’s the winning approach? Across all countries from the report, students ranked receiving an exclusive offer the number one way they know a brand is student-friendly. The least favorite tactic on students’ lists — hiring student influencers and spokespeople. So, better give them those discounts!
They’re proud to be students! A couple of weeks back, we’ve mentioned that 57% of Gen Z are less loyal to a brand than before the pandemic. Here’s what you can do to make them stick — use exclusive offers to reward “the student” aspect of their identity. As the report shows, 82% percent of US students would likely try a brand or product if they received a student discount code.
Discounts, but what else? The second step to winning Gen Z is making an attractive offer. Free perks, such as free shipping or free checked bags, sound the most appealing to 83% of the students in the US. Right behind are Buy One, Get One Free (72%), and free gifts (71%).
Here’s what you can do to attract students. Recognize students in your target audience, provide them with discounts and special offers, and support causes that they care about.
For more insights, take a look at the whole SheerID’s Back to School Report.


Shopify’s on a roll

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Shopify reported $988 million in revenue in the first quarter of 2021. This is a 110% increase from last year — results that crushed analysts’ expectations.
The company expects to continue to grow revenue through 2021, but at a slower rate than in 2020, when businesses and consumers were forced to shift to eCommerce due to the pandemic.
It wasn’t just revenue that grew. As soon as the Q1 numbers were revealed, shares of Shopify jumped by as much as 11.4%. With these astounding results, investors are now hoping to see more businesses building a digital presence with Shopify, even after the physical stores get back into the game.
“More entrepreneurs around the world are choosing Shopify to launch and grow their businesses, and for good reason,” said Harley Finkelstein, Shopify’s President. “Our singular focus is on making entrepreneurship easier, and making it easier for entrepreneurs to succeed.”
Shopify merchants have also had a global economic impact — which includes profit, labor income, and tax revenue. As stated in Deloitte’s 2020 Economic Impact Report, one in every 1,000 employed adults is supported by a Shopify merchant — that’s 3.6 million jobs around the world.
Merchants matter. Even with these astounding results, Shopify still remains focused on empowering merchants. For every $1 of Shopify’s revenue, our merchants generate $40.82.
“Merchant sales growth on our platform accelerated in the first quarter as merchants leveraged our modern commerce technology, which helps them compete in any retail environment and engage directly with their customers wherever they are,” said Finkelstein.
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Moms are the best!

Source: ReallyGoodEmails
Who can argue with that statement from Allset’s Mother’s Day email?
Besides a sweet message and friendly copy, this email is a visual delight! The light blue background and the white elements bring out the product photos and let your eye focus on the text. The main points are in a bigger font, so there’s no chance you could miss the offer.
But the most important aspect of the email isn’t the design. It’s the fact that the brand is reminding you that you can spoil your mom, even from afar.
What a wonderful way to treat your customers (and their moms)!
Warmest and kindest wishes go to all moms, mother figures, and all the amazing women who brought us up. Give them the biggest (optionally virtual) hug and tell them you love them! ❤️

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