Welcome to our main FAQ page where we tackle your questions about enhancing email deliverability, measuring marketing success, and strategizing with your existing team. Whether you're looking to refine your email segmentation or kickstart revenue generation through email, our expertise is just a consultation away. Dive into our resources or reach out for personalized guidance.
  • How can your email marketing agency help me improve deliverability for my email campaigns?
    To understand what causes poor deliverability, we first run a deliverability audit, including checks of the authentication setup, spam triggers, and IP address reputation. We then address each issue to ensure your emails land in the inbox and avoid the dreaded spam folder.
  • How will I know my email marketing program is delivering results?
    We provide real-time reports with metrics, including sales revenue, cart abandonments, and re-engagement campaign results. Your Account Manager will produce regular email strategy consulting based on key metrics, in addition to a monthly written report with key insights, results, and recommended next steps.
  • I have my own team that develops my marketing copy and visuals, but I do need support developing and implementing an email strategy. Can you help with this?
    Yes, this is what we do best. We will work with you on creating a strategy integrated with your business and marketing objectives. We will set up the email infrastructure for you, automate email delivery, and create targeted campaigns, ultimately leading to increased conversion rates and repeat sales.
  • I need assistance with segmenting my email list. Can you help me?
    Definitely. Email list segmentation is a strategic method of grouping customers to boost your sales, and our email marketing experts are ready to help you execute it. Check out our blog or book a call today to learn more.
  • How does the process of creating emails work once I start working with your email marketing agency?
    Explore the steps of the email creation process, from meeting your team to quality assurance, in this blog post. For more information on our process, schedule a free consultation and we’ll walk you through each step.
  • How long will it take until I start generating email revenue?
    Each client is unique, but most of our clients see a jump in email revenue two to four months after we implement our strategy.