Essence of Email Weekly - Klaviyo and Shopify form a new strategic partnership



Klaviyo and Shopify form a new strategic partnership

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Zoom in: This week, Klaviyo and Shopify announced their new strategic partnership, which will bring new, improved features and functionalities to their mutual customers. Shopify made a $100 million investment in Klaviyo and their new deal will empower brands of all sizes to own their data and customer relationships at every step of the customer journey.
The deets: In Shopify App Store, Klaviyo is now rated as the “top” solution for all Shopify Plus customers globally. Also, from now on, Klaviyo will receive early access to the new Shopify development features. Their partnership is built on their joint vision of 2 powerful platforms which aim to help founders and operators deal successfully with all the challenges that the new era in eCommerce will bring.
“Klaviyo has become invaluable to hundreds of thousands of merchants to help them better understand their customers and engage them in highly personalized ways across so many touchpoints,” says Harley Finkelstein, president of Shopify.
However, Klaviyo’s partners and customers who are not using Shopify will still benefit from the new and updated Klaviyo functionalities that are constantly being released.
This is just one more sign that a lot of things are changing in the eCommerce industry. We can’t wait to see how Klaviyo and Shopify will unite their forces and create new, better, customer-friendly experiences!


Attentive and Postscript launch text-to-buy option

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What is it all about? Postscript and Attentive are launching the text-to-buy option with Shopify’s Shop Pay. This means that customers will be able to buy directly from text message conversations with brands with the help of Shop Pay which is an accelerated and one-click payment option.
Mobile conversions are currently more than 60% lower than the desktop rates and with this new option, customers will have a frictionless buyer experience based on their browsing and spending patterns — all within a text message!
According to Amit Jhawar, President at Attentive, “Consumer behavior has fundamentally changed over the past five years. Mobile is now the primary shopping device and allows for shopping at any time, and consumers are more comfortable buying directly from brands than ever before. Launching Attentive’s text-to-buy solution is our first step to helping brands close the purchase gap and convert more browsers into buyers and I cannot think of a better partner with which to launch than Shopify given the breadth of its merchants, industry leading security, and innovation."
“Our merchants are already generating 21.4% of their revenue through SMS and see greater than 25X ROI on the channel,” said Alex Beller, President and Co-Founder of Postscript. “By giving their customers the ability to purchase via text, our merchants will be able to deliver a nearly frictionless buying experience—and we believe that is the key to unlocking the full revenue-driving power of text.”
Postscript has kicked off a preliminary beta program with a select group of their customers who will provide firsthand feedback on the text-to-buy feature and functionality.
For more deets, take a look at Attentive’s and Postscript’s pages.



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An on-brand background + visuals which will literally make your mouth water = an email that you simply can’t skip!
BetterBrand created a product-focused email for National Protein’s Day by making a comparison between their product and a regular protein shake using some great, high-quality imagery. The whole email functions as one piece. Although the copy is a bit longer, it is not placed in one place but it is divided in 2 pieces. It all ends with 1 CTA leading you to their website.
Kudos to BetterBrand!

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