Email Marketing Checklist

email marketing checklist

If you are regularly sending email campaigns and newsletters for the promotion of your products or services, a list of pre-launch checks for your email campaign can come in handy.

This email checklist will help you:

• Prepare a successful strategy of your campaign
• Set the campaign settings properly
• Prepare content that converts
• Make sure the emails look good across devices


🗹 You have created a clear goal for your campaign
🗹 You have a clear view of the value you will provide to your customers with the campaign
🗹 You have permission to send the email
🗹 Your contact list has been segmented
🗹 Your list is clean


🗹 A catchy and clear subject line
🗹 Clearly defined email and sender name
🗹 A set reply email address (if needed)
🗹 Personalized emails


🗹 Alternative text for images has been set
🗹 All the buttons, images, and logos have a link
🗹 CTA is clear and aligns with the goal of the campaign
🗹 The text has passed QA (Quality Assurance)
🗹 Sentences are short and match the company’s style
🗹 Preview text has been optimized
🗹 Personalization has been used correctly


🗹 Preview works well on desktop, mobile, and tablet
🗹 Preview works for different email services and browsers
🗹 Inbox test has been completed
🗹 Test email sent out to test list with various email clients
🗹 Preheader looks good on different email clients
🗹 All links are functioning properly
🗹 Dynamic text/personalization is displayed correctly


🗹 Strategically set send time and date
🗹 Monitor the results and engagement rates

If all boxes are checked, it is time to launch this campaign! 👍

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