Copywriting 101 — Tips & Tricks

Learn a trick or two on how to create exceptional email copy!
Welcome to the Copywriting 101 at Essence of Email. We’re happy to see you here!
If you’re new to the email marketing world, this page will provide you with insights on how to create exceptional copy for different emails, with some great examples as well. And if you’re already familiar with this world, we hope that this content will help you get inspired.

Our ultimate goal is to ease off the whole process for you so that once you’re done with the reading, you can’t wait to apply!

What types of copies will I be writing?

Just like we mentioned on our previous page, the copy pieces we write are for email campaigns, email automations, and SMS.

Depending on the client’s needs, the content of email campaigns can be anything from new product launches to sale and promotion campaigns, and even different blog, educational, or event campaigns. No matter what the campaigns are, their content has to be engaging, on-brand, and it should speak to the customers in a unique, and recognizable tone of voice specific to the client in question.

Here are some great examples of different email campaigns:

Product Launch


Flash Sale

As for the email automations or flows, they are triggered by a customer’s action, for example, looking at products on a website, or placing an order. As we don’t really want to get too technical over these, you can check the pictures below to see some examples of different email automations.

Welcome Email

Cart Abandonment
Re-engagement/Win back
When it comes to SMS, did you know that it has become one of the most effective marketing platforms? Open rates are over 98%! So now that we know that, 160 characters with an engaging copy and a clear Call to Action sounds like a good idea. So let’s look at some great examples!
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What do email copies consist of?

Here are some of the examples of different email copies we created for our clients!

Can you give us additional tips on how to write engaging copies?

Of course! It will be our pleasure! Since we don’t want to get too technical and bother you with statistics and percentages, you’ll just have to believe us when it comes to these tips!
Tip 1:
Writing engaging subject lines (SL) will get emails opened! Since it’s the first thing a customer sees, it’s important that subject lines leave a great first impression. In order to do so, you should write short subject lines and avoid putting unnecessary punctuation marks. Also, whether your SLs are written in ALL CAPS or not doesn’t really make a difference.
So, if the company’s brand is such that it has content written in all caps, don’t try to change it, embrace it!
Tip 2:

SMS Copy
When it comes to the length of the copies, SMS copies have a limit of 160 characters per copy, so they are quite short. Here’s what the anatomy of an SMS looks like:

Tip 3:

Campaign and Automation (Flow) Copy
As for the campaigns and automation copies, that really depends on the clients. Some clients like to have shorter copies with precise information. Others like to have a more elaborate body copy, and some even like to include product copy as well. But here are some best practices that you can later on tweak according to the client’s needs.

Subject Line

Ideal subject lines should be between 28 and 50 characters long. You never know whether customers will open their emails on their computers or on mobile phones. So the best thing to do is keep them short so as not to be cut off if opened on a mobile phone.


The ideal preheader length should be between 40 and 100 characters. Preheaders are used as a summary of the email or as a complement to the subject line. They will always appear behind the subject line before an email is opened. The space for them is larger than for the subject lines, so you can get more creative here. However, bear in mind the general rule - the shorter, the better.

Body Copy

The ideal length of a body copy should be between 50 and 200 words, or somewhere around 20 lines. And just like we’ve said before, there are different factors that can influence whether the copy will be long or short. It will depend on the type of the campaign, the audience you are targeting, and most importantly, your client’s brand.

Call to Action (CTA)

Finally, when it comes to the CTA, it should have between 2 and 5 words. It should be short, on point, easy to understand, and it should captivate the customer’s attention right away. And, of course, it should be action-oriented and reflect what the customer will get once they click on it.

When it comes to the test assignment, how should I complete it?

Our test assignment is done in Asana (our project management software), and we made sure to have a detailed explanation of it in the description of the task. The description has a lot of details about what the copy and the design should look like. We just wanted to make sure we get your inspiration going. But don’t forget that we only need you to write! No design or images are needed from your side, as those are done by our designers.
That’s all!
Now that you think about it, this wasn’t so hard, was it?

After all these super helpful tips and examples, we’re sure you’re ready to apply, and you can be sure we’re really looking forward to meeting you!