Success Story

Misook: From Zero to $40K in SMS Revenue
– In Under a Month

The Challenge
Misook heard that the other direct-to-customer (DTC) apparel brands were using SMS and decided to test how their clientele would respond.

The women's clothing brand was also keen to know how quickly they would see meaningful ROI from SMS.
The Solution
Partnering up with Essence of Email, it took Misook less than a month to set up an SMS program and start generating revenue from it.

The increasing mobile conversion rates were a direct result of the website opt-ins which invited users to subscribe to SMS notifications, an automated series for welcoming users, as well as early access to promotion codes.
The Results
In less than a month Misook generated:

  • From 0 to 600 compliant SMS subscribers
  • $40,000+ in SMS revenue
  • $45 average revenue per recipient from the very first campaign
  • Less than 1% unsubscribe rate