Success Story

Frame Destination: 9,245% Revenue Increase with Klaviyo & Email Strategy

Frame Destination is a leading online store for photo frames in the largest variety of sizes. It offers everything from photo frames and framing supplies to photo storage and framing accessories.
The Challenges
More Efficient ESP

Before engaging with the client, their success was limited using Mailchimp, and while their list grew, the rate of new subscriber growth was slow. There was definitely some lack of effectiveness and efficiency when it came to retaining customers and spurring former customers to buy again.

Advanced Metrics Tracking

The state of Frame Destination's email marketing when they came to Essence of Email was undeveloped. They were using Mailchimp, but did not have any clear metrics on the effectiveness of the email program.

Custom-Tailored Email Marketing Strategy

After coming to Essence of Email, a full work up and tailor-made plan was created that fit the client's needs and to best target their market. This was accomplished through implementing a custom-tailored email marketing strategy that would segment and utilize their lists most effectively using the best applications and programs.

The Solutions
We recommended a migration to Klaviyo as a new ESP. Klaviyo could solve Frame Destination's email marketing limitations by pairing targeted content with well-timed messages in the right format.

Our initial goal was to implement more targeted automation sequences and to send consistent email campaigns, in order to start using the new data and segmentation functionalities.

Our Email Automation Sequences
    The Results
    This email, for example, was the highest performing email sent in April 2017, solely from a revenue standpoint. A promo was run introducing a free shipping offer on orders over $75, and the result was 133 orders from this email alone to equal a total value of $33,733.