November 6, 2020


Email marketing startup Stensul raises $16m for new product development

What’s it all about: Stensul, a New York-based email marketing startup, has raised $16m in Series B funding for new product development and go-to-market functions improvement.

As a “first email creation platform built for the enterprise,” Stensul promises to reduce email creation time by up to 90% by simplifying and streamlining the operational process. This allows email marketing teams to focus on performance improvement. Plus, the platform is said to be easy to use and integrates with Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Campaign, Oracle Eloqua, and Workfront. However, the platform doesn’t support AMP, and this affects dynamic content, personalization, and interactive functions such as carousels, event invitations, confirmations, etc.

According to Stensul CEO, Noah Dinkin, “Of the many truths hiding in plain sight that 2020 has revealed, email is the lynchpin that drives everything for audience engagement, out-performing every other channel by a huge margin. Unfortunately, many organizations still operate with an outdated email creation model that holds marketing teams back and limits their ability to compete. Stensul brings substantial speed and agility to the email creation process, enabling teams to achieve better outcomes, without adding headcount or sacrificing quality.”

Seems like developers are scrambling to innovate and improve email marketing providers and tools to make marketers’ lives easier. We love it!


Shopify releases subscription and post-purchase upsell apps

What’s new? Shopify merchants will now be able to integrate Shopify Checkout with subscription and post-purchase upsell apps, allowing for enhanced optimization and a better shopping experience for customers. 

The big picture: Until now, merchants weren’t able to offer subscriptions and post-purchase upsells directly. They had to use various apps that weren’t fully integrated with Shopify. The update will change this, as well as allow merchants to manage their orders and use features such as Shopify Payments within the Shopify platform. That’s because the new apps are fully integrated with the Shopify back-office. And you can download them from the Shopify App Store.

The new apps include:

  • Subscription apps (ReCharge, Bold Subscriptions, PayWhirlRecurring Payments, Ordergroove Subscriptions)
  • Post-purchase upsell apps (Zipify One Click Upsell, Ultimate Special Offers by Pixel Union, CartHook Post Purchase Offers, Post Purchase Promotions by Store Recon, Superbump by The Vaan Group)

“Opening Shopify Checkout for the first time is a big deal for us since it’s the single most important customer experience that we’ve spent over a decade optimizing, With the new apps, over 1 million merchants around the world can now sell recurring products or add post-purchase upsells—all without compromising the buyer experience at checkout. Giving our developer partners the ability to build integrated solutions within checkout showcases the value we see in these apps to enable flexibility, scale, and resilience for our merchants,” said Jean-Michel Lemieux, CTO of Shopify.

For more information, check out this article.


Microsoft Advertising launches promotion extensions for the English-speaking market

The low-down: In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, Microsoft has launched promotion extensions for this year’s holiday sales. Promotion extensions are currently only available to the English-speaking market and can be used to sync the promotions across Microsoft and Google for consistency.

Extensions are available for various seasonal events, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. The idea is to tie as many seasonal events as possible to retail, shopping, and advertising. 

Promotion extensions will allow marketers to select from a list of holidays and occasions, tie their offer to it, choose promotion types and details, and create an offer in their text ad. They can also be set on account, campaign, and group levels.

Read more about this in Microsoft’s blog post.  


A breath of fresh air

This week, we’re talking about perfect harmony between copy and design – and what better example than this email by Biossance? The brand is known for its sustainable, clean, non-toxic products, and its emails definitely reflect this. 

The hero image is a combination of clean surfaces, glossy containers, and lush greenery, topped off with witty hero copy that clearly states the offer. Tempting!

Speaking of copy… Using key brand words, which are impactful and vivid, sets the tone and emphasizes the brand’s values. Paired with the chosen imagery, the combination conveys a natural, fresh vibe. 

The rest of this email establishes the brand as environmentally friendly and outlines all of the products and the benefits of buying from Biossance. These details can help a potential buyer to make up their mind and complete a purchase. 

Our verdict: This email is informative, socially relevant, and enticing. Biossance did a great job, as this is the perfect Welcome email!

Source: ReallyGoodEmails


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