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In the meanwhile, take a look at the ten things to consider when you’re on the lookout for just the right agency partner:

1. Look For Someone Who Can Provide Custom Solutions
There are no generic problems in email marketing, so there can’t be any generic solutions either.

2. Value and Transparency
Stay away from agencies who are eager to get more than they are eager to give.

3. Their Past Work
Always ask to see examples, or case studies at the very least, of the work the agency has previously done.

4. Your Budget vs. Agency Pricing
Look for an agency that has scalable services and provides quotes based on your business needs.

5. Keeps Its Work In-House
While you’re looking to outsource your email marketing efforts, it’s a bad idea to hire an agency that is looking to do the same.

6. Not Afraid to Push Their Team Front and Center
A great email marketing agency is made up of a team of diverse talents and expertise.

7. They Come (Highly) Recommended
Make good research, read case studies and testimonials and look for reviews.

8. What Kind of Content Are They Providing for Their Website Visitors?
If an agency’s content is stale, outdated, and just not of very good quality, you might want to move away.

9Strategy vs. Execution
While some agencies may convince you with their analytical and strategizing skills, ask for evidence that they are strong on the execution side as well.

10How Do You Feel About Them?
When all is said and done, give yourself a minute and compile all these impressions into a clear vision of how you see your partner.

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