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Learn the state of your current email marketing program with a channel audit.

What’s an Email Audit

An Email Audit is the evaluation of your current email marketing program. It gives you insight into the current state of your email program, including missed opportunities and red flags.

The goal of the audit is to identify areas of improvement and provide your team with a concrete roadmap of initiatives to implement.

How an Email Audit Works

• Campaign review: copy, design, A/B testing, segmentation, sending frequency, list growth practices.

The first step will be reviewing your set of campaigns from the last 2 years. Here, performance data across relevant cohorts & segments is going to be extracted. For example, the performance might be broken down and checked according to the type of content, sending settings, and targeted contacts.

This historical analysis will form the baseline for planning the future campaign strategy.

• Automated email review
The performance of your automated emails will be compared to the performance of the industry standards in order to see which flows are underperforming.

Suggestions will be provided on how to adjust the messaging and logic to improve the results, as well as recommendations about the potential email flows and touchpoints that should be created. Our team will provide additional documentation with specific instructions on how to properly implement these, as well as best practice examples.

• Email deliverability review
Around 20% of all emails are not delivered; this might impact your email revenue negatively. To prevent this, any possible issues that have an impact on the deliverability of your account will be identified.

Your sending infrastructure (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and possible blacklisting issues) will be analyzed. Then, we’ll evaluate your overall sender reputation across multiple criteria, ranging from direct indicators of reputation and aggregated panel benchmarks to indirect indicators via user behavior and (lack of) engagement.

End Result

You’ll be provided with a comprehensive 360-view of your email marketing program and an actionable guide on how to improve it.

Here’s a good example of an email audit we did for our client, with implemented solutions and delivered results. The client earned $640,000 with their email program in under 3 months.

Let us show you what we can do for your email program. Reach out to talk to our email audit experts. 

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