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Essence of Email Quarterly: 
Q2 2020
Email Trends to Watch Out For

Q2 2020 was a quarter like no other. With so much happening, you may have missed the key email trends that should shape your Q3-Q4 business strategy.

In our report, you’ll get updates on the major trends in email technology, campaigns, flows, design, deliverability, and privacy regulation.

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What you'll learn from this report:

  • How COVID-19 shaped email campaigns and flows, and what brands should do next
  • What key eCommerce events are shaping the email technology landscape
  • Why phishing attacks are no joke, and why brands should implement security measures
  • How B2C brands are affected by new privacy regulations, including the CCPA
  • How the pandemic is shaping email design

Bonus: Q3 Tips and Insights for eCommerce brands

Our partners share their top advice for eCommerce brands in Q3. Hear from Privy, Justuno, OctaneAi, Postscript, PushOwl, TowerData, Attentive and PearlThinks.

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For those that are in the know, in this period of great uncertainty, email retains the not-so-secret edge in terms of staying close to those we care about and growing our companies in difficult circumstances.
Heath Weaver
Managing Director, Essence of Email


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