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Essence of Email Launches a Strategy Office

The email marketing agency is launching a Strategy Office to increase client email channel performance by providing more targeted strategies to adapt to the turbulent market conditions.

September 1, 2020

Essence of Email, the digital agency that specializes exclusively in email marketing and offers strategic, technical, and content services to eCommerce brands, is introducing a new team into the company structure: The Strategy Office

Having successfully worked with over 300 clients across the United States, Canada, and Australia, the company has the data, experience, and expertise to execute the most lucrative strategies that will help its clients grow. 

While Essence of Email still covers the services that are essential to email marketing, such as email creation and segmentation, A/B testing, data-based campaign calendars, and metrics and deliverability reports, it has become evident that there is a need to deliver more targeted and individual strategies to each of their clients mid-sized eCommerce companies who are still working out where the best opportunities are. 

This will be the main focus of the new Strategic Office. An upgraded approach to A/B testing, data models for segmenting customers, and holistic email channel optimization plans for clients are just a few of the challenges that the new team will handle. The Office will help clients grow more profitably by better aligning the campaign calendar and automated email flows with a thorough analysis of their customers.

“I am excited to share that from September 1, we are introducing a new team into our company structure: the Strategy Office. Given the turbulence and uncertainty that remain on the horizon, this team will provide you with more targeted strategies to adapt to changing market conditions. The Strategy Office will enable us to develop a fast-evolving, data-driven approach tailored to your goals and your customer’s needs.“ says Heath Weaver, the Managing Director at Essence of Email.

The Strategy Office consists of data and financial analysts and email performance experts, led by the new Head of Strategy, Marija Pajkovic – previously the agency’s Senior Team Leader. She and her new team will work closely with the Sales and Operational teams to ensure greater consistency between initial channel assessments and the results clients see on a monthly basis.

About Essence of Email

Essence of Email is an email marketing agency empowering eCommerce brands to sell repeatedly through innovative email marketing. 

Understanding the power and complexity of email marketing, their team of experts can be hired either for one-off projects or long-term collaboration. The experts can offer different services, ranging from strategic and technical, to content.

The team works with a highly disciplined, process-driven, iterative approach every single time and adapts to customers’ needs as quickly as the market changes.

The company has over 6 years of experience and over 300 served clients in the USA, Canada, and Australia, which has given them a clear view of what works in different situations and in every stage of a company’s growth.

Name of Press Contact: Monika Gaberova

Email: [email protected][email protected]


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