Employee testimonials – Essence of Email

Employee testimonials

“Essence of Email is one of those companies that make you grow and develop yourself whether you like it or not! No stopping, no going back, no standing in one place! Just forward! What really makes this company great are the people that work here. A lot of fun and hardworking people that take pride in their work. On the downside, I like wearing suits and since we are a remote agency, no one can see my beautiful suits and shoes.”

Marko Koprivica, Account Associate

“Essence of Email, despite being a remote company, is filled with a community of workers who are ready to build you up and answer any questions you have. The focus isn’t on competition between each other (except during our team bonding activities where we’re fighting for pizza) – we help each other improve and always strive to find the best solution to any problem. I’ve felt extremely welcome here and grown so much professionally and personally. As I’m studying at university, their flexibility over my weird working hours is greatly appreciated. Essence of Email is a wonderful community, and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

Katelyn Peters, Copywriter

“What I like about Essence of Email is the friendly working atmosphere. It definitely makes work easier. The company cherishes the idea that we should help and support one another, and I think this is great. Other than that, working for Essence of Email has proven to be a great learning experience. We are constantly encouraged to expand our knowledge and perfect our skills.
I am amazed at the progress I personally have made so far.”

Tina Hadžić, Account Manager

“I like Essence of Email because this is where I can ask anything, no matter how stupid, and get a good, honest response. I’ve grown a lot, both personally and professionally since I got here, and I feel like I have the space and support I need to keep growing for many years to come. Essence of Email taught me the importance of communication and mutual respect. I feel important and appreciated even when I work in my pajamas the whole day (which I can since we’re fully digital and no one cares if you have a suit and tie on).
This company even bought me pizzas for winning in team building activities. How awesome is that?!”

Stefan Milićević, Sales Associate