Email & Social Media Integration: How to Upload Subscriber Lists

How to Upload your Subscriber List to Social Networks

Email and social are just different ways of reaching your customers. In a recent study, 65% of the top 20% of B2B marketers who use social media for lead generation choose to integrate email with social media.

Here are some tactics to get you integrate your email and social media using your subscribers list.

1. Uploading Subscriber Lists to Facebook

While you can import contact lists to your personal Facebook, it is not always recommended to do so. It’s common for people to use Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for professional networking.

However, you can create a “Custom Audience” and run targeted ads. You can use these ads to get more “Likes” on your Facebook page or use them as part of a re-targeting campaign.

To start, navigate to the Ads Manager.


Then look for the “Audiences” link.

16 facebook audiences


On the right side of the page, click the green button that says “Create Audience”, then “Custom Audience”.


Next, choose “Customer List”.

18 customer list facebook

You need to choose how you plan to add these people. Uploading a CSV will work regardless of which email provider you use.

19 upload a file facebook

From here, Facebook will prompt you to create an ad or just save your audience.

2. Uploading Subscriber Lists to Twitter

You can link your Twitter account to your Gmail or Yahoo! account to scan your personal contacts. This is a good place to start.

First, head to On the left sidebar, look for a link that says “Find people you know”.

1 twitter who to follow

Here, you can connect your personal or work email account. Twitter will check those emails against their user database and show your contacts’ profiles. Simply follow them!

2 twitter connect gmail

This works especially well if you use Google Apps for Business since you can easily sync all of your professional contacts with your personal or business Twitter account.

To upload a CSV of contacts from your email service provider, the process is quite different.

First, export a CSV from your email provider.

3 vero export csv

Now, head to Click “Tools” then “Audience Manager”.

4 twitter audience manager

Create a new audience list by first naming the audience, then choosing the type of data you’ll upload.

5 twitter audience creator

Next, upload your list.

6 upload to twitter

It will take a few hours for Twitter to process the list. Once it’s ready, you can use Twitter ads to target this group. This is a great way to promote things like offers, new content, and downloads and can even be used for retargeting.

3. Uploading Subscriber Lists to LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to search contacts in your personal email or upload a list of contacts.

From the LinkedIn home page, hover over “Connections”, then click “Add Connections”.

7 linkedin add connections

Next, click “Any Email”.

8 see who you know on linkedin

Then upload your file.

LinkedIn will process the file, then show you a list of matches. You can connect with them all at once or pick and choose who you want to connect with. Once you are connected, you can invite these people to groups or to follow your company page.

4. Uploading Subscriber Lists to Google+

From any page in Google+, click on “Home” and select “People”.

11 google+ people

Next, select “Connect services”.

12 connect services

Then, “Open Address Book”.

13 open address book

Upload your file and see who you know!

14 google+ open address book

Your subscribers list can do amazing things for your business! Book a meeting with our email marketing experts to find out how!

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