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MANAGED SERVICES deliver the best strategic and tactical guidance on the road to email marketing success. Choose one of our special packages:
Entry: includes all the necessary elements for the initial growth of the email channel.
• Standard: develops a strong email channel through the creation of core email campaigns and automations, and other key elements.
• Advanced: the build-out of advanced segmentation and testing strategies, utilizing historical and ongoing data to maximize channel output. Includes related retention channels such as Facebook Messenger, push notifications, and referral/loyalty programs.

Our CUSTOM PROJECTS are one-off, flexible engagements based on your email marketing needs. They normally last a month or two, depending on the number of items, with a rolling launch of deliverables.

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Platforms We Work With

Email Marketing Platforms - Essence of Email
Email Marketing Services - Essence of Email

You Want the Best for Your Business.
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• Trusted by 220+ eCommerce stores
• 91% client satisfaction level

118x average monthly ROI
• $18.7m clients’ annual email revenue
Essence of Email is a Gold Klaviyo Partner and Mailchimp Expert
30 supported platforms, including all major ESPs

A Team You Can Rely On.
Every Single Time.

• 5 years of experience, data, and expertise
• From 2 employees in 2013 to 26 in 2019
• Average 10 training hours per month per employee
• In-house coders, designers, and copywriters

3 Quality Assurance checkpoints before an email goes live

Email Marketing Services - Essence of Email

Happy Clients, Happy Stories

Email Marketing Revenue per Subscriber Increase by 110%

Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash
Food to Live is an online store for organic healthy food. Making beautiful campaigns and efficient automations became the fundamental principle which guided our strategy with Food to Live, and it brought great results, with the client saying they’ve ‘achieved email sales target’.

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138x Email Revenue Growth with a Custom Tailored Sending Strategy

FilterBuy is a leading air filter replacement brand, shipping to homes and businesses across the US. Their email marketing wasn’t as effective as it can be and they needed help to migrate to Klaviyo, warm it up, and start sending out campaigns to a wide audience, with the ultimate goal of email revenue growth.

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9245% Revenue Increase With Klaviyo & Email Strategy

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Frame Destination, a leading online store for photo frames, was looking for an efficient way to retain customers and to spur former customers to buy again. Changing the ESP and developing a smart campaign strategy became the cornerstone of their profitable email marketing strategy.

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What Our Clients Say

The Essence of Email team helped us transition to Klaviyo from another ESP. They helped a ton to make it a smooth transition and we greatly appreciated their help.

Very quick and efficient and they worked with all of our last minute changes! Awesome team!

Essence of Email took our email marketing and automation to the next level. They were integral in helping us get to where we are today. I highly recommend them!

Great work! Awesome design services in conveying our message.

One of the best teams I’ve hired to help – a must if you sell online.