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This Is How We Do Email Marketing Magic

We will turn email into a high-performing marketing channel for your business,
using a combination of tools and techniques.

ESP Migration

Changing your email service provider with subscriber, historical data, and existing channel elements migration.

Deliverability Audit

Making sure the deliverability rate is acceptable by dealing with blacklisting, spam complaints, and the like.

Automated Emails

Full creative and coding work on automated emails and campaigns, sent per dynamics agreed individually with the client.

Custom Email Template

A drag-and-drop template as the base for future email creation. We’ll prepare a video tutorial explaining how to use this template to create future emails on your own.

Segmentation Setup

List segments based on parameters like age, gender, and location are essential for defining relevant content, effective send times, and other factors that drive sales.

Campaign Calendar

Our team will prepare a detailed campaign calendar for your emails to make sure you’re sending the right email, at just the right time, to the right customers.

List Verification

Using verification software to ascertain if all the subscriber addresses are valid.

Email Lead Capture Pop-Ups

Integrating and designing smart and targeted pop-ups, optimized for desktop and mobile.

Email A/B Testing

Testing various versions of key email elements to make sure the best version is sent to the subscribers.

Referral/Loyalty Program Setup

We’ll set up a referral program to increase customer lifetime value by retaining current customers, and to increase new customer influx by motivating your current customers to refer products to their friends for rewards.

Channel Audit

Our experts will delve deep into your channel and pinpoint the exact causes of performance issues, providing you with the detailed report on what’s happening and what can be done to fix and optimize it.

List Onboarding

List Onboarding is a mix of five processes that will get your email marketing channel in great shape.

List Verification

Uploading the email list to a verification software, which then singles out the invalid or defunct addresses. These are promptly deleted, and what’s left is an almost 100% healthy list.

Deliverability Monitoring

Using our inbox benchmarking software, we track the deliverability metrics for the verified addresses, making sure your emails are going exactly where you want them to – inboxes.

SPF/DKIM Authentication

We want to make sure both your current and new ESPs are authenticated, since this means there will be no spam complaints in the future.


By segmenting your list based on recency and sending them each a three-email blast until they fall outside our established onboarding parameters, we want to make sure the list is reliable and healthy.

List Migration

Finally, after we’ve ensured full list health, we switch ESPs from your onboarding to the main ESP, where you can start exploring the unlimited possibilities email marketing can offer.

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