Ecommerce Marketing Podcast Interview with Xiaohui "X" Wang

eCommerce Marketing Podcast Interview with Xiaohui “X” Wang: Easy Email Marketing

We had the pleasure of being interviewed by Robert Kilonzo over at the eCommerce Marketing Podcast, where we chatted about beginners tips on setting up a foundational email marketing program for an eCommerce store.

Go ahead and check it out here!

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

Why email marketing is a “must have” for any online retailer who is serious about growth
How to grow revenue from the email channel from 0.3% to up to 9.3% of monthly revenue just in 3 months
The power of remarketing and retention and how to start implementing it with targeted email marketing strategies
Some of our favorite tools to use for email marketing and what you can do with them
How to create an email marketing strategy and why it’s so important for eCommerce businesses
Two ways of thinking about email for eCommerce: manual campaigns vs automated sequences and their performance
Best sources for tracking email efficiency numbers and why do you need them
What mistakes to avoid if you plan to start doing email marketing from scratch
One thing you can to do to start generating revenue from email right now

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