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Make the best of your email marketing this holiday season.​

65% of holiday purchases are influenced by sales and promotions, and in 2018 email was the driver of 24.2% of Cyber Monday sales.

Is your email channel ready for the holiday season?

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Holiday Email Tips for Your eCommerce Store

November and December are the months when you can make the most out of your e-commerce shop. Therefore, make sure you mark the important holidays for your target market and plan your resources upfront. 

Planning your activities upfront will allow you to create fresh and useful content, which you will then be able to send out at the right time to the right people.

Extra tip: Plan the shipping of your products during the holidays to make sure people get their orders on time!

This is the time of the year when people’s inboxes are constantly filled with promotional emails from various brands. To stand out, get people to open your email and buy from you, you must craft unique email offers that will match your subscribers’ needs. Segment your email list by various criteria based on your business, such as affinity towards various products, age, gender, location, shopping history, etc.

Extra tip: Don’t forget to reward your loyal customers this holiday season!

Automated emails allow you to always stay connected with your customers. They allow you to immediately respond to prospective client inquiries with personalized and automated follow-up. And the best thing is, after the holidays pass, automated emails will keep your clients in touch with your business long into the new year.

Extra tip: Don’t forget to give your “Welcome Emails” a holiday touch and make a good first impression!


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