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04 Dec 2018

Your Guide to Successful Holiday Email Campaigns

Over the holidays, companies are pushing their marketing budgets to get some of the ready-to-spend customers to purchase. As competition is growing, it is very likely that the costs for your ads will grow, too. If you run an eCommerce business, your CPMs, CPCs, and CPAs will start showing big numbers as the holidays are coming closer, and this will affect your marketing ROI.

Therefore, making email marketing a big part of your holiday marketing strategy is an easy and effective way to keep your ROI positive.

Here are our strategies and examples for creating holiday email marketing campaign that will make your emails stand out.

Hit the Right Timing

Timing is crucial in email marketing, especially when it comes to holiday sales. If you are a B2B company, it is good to start your Christmas email marketing campaign even in October, but if you are a B2C company, starting the campaign this early will run the risk of customers failing to ”see” your ads and promotions. Your messages might irritate your customers and it is very likely they will be ignored.

Considering the fact that around 54% of the Christmas shopping is done in December or later, if you haven’t sent a Christmas email campaign yet, your last chance is now!

holiday email campaign

Timing your campaigns for late November/early December will bring more customers during December and January. The predictions for the future are that Christmas sales will start even earlier, so don’t forget to start your email marketing campaign earlier, way before next Christmas.

When it comes to planning, it is always good to have a sequence of emails you will send. The first email sent should be a warm-up email that will inform your customers what to expect from your upcoming holiday sales. Next, an email to remind them that the sales are just around the corner. Another one – when the sale starts, and the last one to follow up with relevant information for New Year’s and the gold ”last-minute” sales email.

Fun Body Texts and Subject Lines

It is Christmas and it should be time for having fun! Send emails that will make your readers have fun while reading them. Try adding some silly phrase and read it over. If it makes you smile – you are on the right path!

american eagle holiday email campaign

This works for your email subject lines, too! If they are engaging enough, this will make people open them straight away! It is always a good idea to A/B test a few different ones, save the test results, and use them for your future campaigns.

Highlight the Best Part of the Holiday Email

Your competitors will be sending out Christmas emails, too. Make sure you differentiate your offer and stand out with your email designs, and be the one to grab the customers. If you have last-minute sales or special gifts page – make sure your receivers know about it. If you offer additional discounts, coupon codes, or whatever makes your company unique, make sure it is highlighted and nobody can miss it.

puma holiday email campaign

Keep Track of Your Customers’ Holidays

If you are selling internationally (if not, you should start), there is much more to be considered than just translating your emails into different languages. Different countries have different holidays, and they even celebrate the same ones on different days.

For example, in the western countries, Christmas is celebrated on December 25th and 26th, but Orthodox Christmas falls on January 7th, whereas Armenians celebrate it on the 6th. If you are selling on the Dutch market, then consider starting your promotions earlier, as Sinterklaas – the day for giving gifts – falls on December 6th.

Take People to the Right Landing Page

Getting people to open the emails you send is hard enough. The second hardest thing is to get them to click on your call-to-action (CTA) buttons. If you manage to get those two clicks from them – you are on the right path. The last thing you want to happen is to send them to a page that doesn’t show the information you want them to see.

If you have earned those subscribers’ attention, make sure you guide them to the right place that matches the content and style of the email. To earn their trust, make sure the reader has a smooth and clear journey after the first click. For example, if you are presenting your gifts page in the email they open, make sure they land on the gifts page directly, and not to your homepage.

This way you will improve the customer’s journey and increase conversions, and it will give you an opportunity to track the success of your email campaigns more conveniently. Having the data from the campaigns and landing pages you track can tell you what works and what doesn’t. Knowing this, you can constantly improve and deliver better optimized campaigns in the future.

Target the Right People with Segmentation

No matter how good your products and your Christmas offers are, the chance that only one single email will do a great job to the entire audience is almost zero. Just like you will create different Google ads or different social media campaigns, you should take the same approach when it comes to your email marketing strategy. Divide your email list into segments based on what you know about your customers – their buying habits, gender, location, familiarity with your company, and professional background – and then send to each segment of people, based on personalized information.

If you are B2C eCommerce business, this means that you will have different emails for different audiences. It is either men or women, adults or teenagers – they all want different things, so personalizing your promotions is the best thing you can do. If you are planning to promote your gifts page, assume that men will buy gifts for women and vice versa, then make sure that the email content is for gifts.

If you are a B2B company, this means that your promotional emails will be completely different from the ones for B2C companies, but the idea and the concepts stay the same – send out different emails to each of your target groups.

Find the perfect timing for each campaign and send it in just the right way. Neither too early nor too late! With the right design for the right occasion, make your products or services not just visible, but stand out from your competitors. Double-check the landing page you are sending the readers to, and make sure the content and design match the email. And before it all, pick a subject line that will make people click!

Have you not sent any festive Christmas emails yet? Quickly hop on to our calendar to book a meeting, and we will make the most of the time left for you to get a piece of the Christmas sales cake.

27 Nov 2018
Best email marketing campaigns

From Starbucks to Uber – See How They Nail It With Email Marketing

Considering the number of eCommerce emails received daily, companies are in a constant competition to deliver the most eye-catching and highly effective emails. When thinking about the next email marketing campaign, everyone needs a little bit of inspiration to get all things done better. Whether you are looking for a starting point or you already have an idea that needs improvement, here are the examples of top brands with super effective email marketing. 

1. Intriguing Subject and Opening Line by Suiteness

You would probably agree that a simple question like ”Do you like your family?” will provoke the recipient’s curiosity to open the email and see what it is about. Whether your answer is yes or no, the email has an appropriate offer to both target groups. If you find yourself a family person, there is a packet arrangement for you and your family, and if you need some personal space – there is an option for you as an individual, too. For both choices, the CTA button is the finishing touch and it leads the recipients where you want them to be. The template color design with black and gold adds some luxury and makes it more appealing. Creating an intriguing subject line is a great way to boost your open rates, and the solution is satisfying for the different customers you’re trying to reach.

suiteness best email marketing campaign

2. Starbucks Knows How to Manifest Why Less Is More


starbucks the best email marketing campaign

The simpler, the better. May this astonishing design from Starbucks give you some inspiration and teach you that the less complicated, the more welcome and more effective the email will be. Nothing but a simple, clean design, accompanied by a clear message of what the recipient can expect in the future.
If you still haven’t arranged Welcome emails for your new subscribers, it is now time to 
give us a call.

3. Zapier Perfectly Implies the Problem/Solution Technique

A great way to lure your reader’s attention is implying a problem they might have and offering a solution which shows you care. The catch here is to determine what your audience might be struggling with, to mention why that problem is bad, and then promise a solution by just one click on the CTA button.

zapier best email marketing campaign

4. Use Some Inspiration from Trello’s Creative CTA Buttons

Usually, people get bored of the same old stuff, like the classic ”Click Here” or ”Read More” CTA buttons. The following email from Trello shows an example of uncommon and wisely-thought action-driven buttons.trello best email marketing campaign

5. Uber Knows How to Get Straight to the Point

uber the best email marketing campaign

Another example of a simple text with a clear action button. This makes the email perfect for busy subscribers who don’t have the time to read long messages. It is nice how Uber’s newsletters always get you straight to the point, and that invokes user’s satisfaction. For those who want to explore more, there is a link you can follow to learn more about their promotions. Uber’s emails are mobile-friendly and they also provide a useful map with information about your rides and the entire route.

6. See How Moo Converts Users by Inducing a Sense of Urgency


moo best email marketing campaign


You probably already know that creating a sense of urgency is almost always a good choice for instant user conversion. Starting with a catchy subject line ”Sale ends… tonight” and following some other emergency elements throughout the email’s body, like ”You’re just in time” and ”Final hour”, Moo implies a need to act faster. They also provide a simple and pleasant design, which easily attracts users to click the ”Shop now” button and land on the product offering page. Think how you can apply this technique for successful user conversion.

7. Copyblogger Mixes Elements up

copyblogger best email marketing campaign

A clear, relevant CTA button follows in the middle of the email rather than the bottom:

copyblogger best email marketing campaign

And then, they provide additional content blocks with related articles to give the readers a choice of their own.

copyblogger best email marketing campaign

This email gives a great example of incorporating different elements. The conversational story is catchy and can easily hook the reader, the CTA button for their services is wisely placed in the middle, and at the bottom the readers can find more related content if the lead story wasn’t in their interest.

8. Get Inspired by Microsoft Cool Email Quizzes

Adding some fun and interaction will most likely engage more users to your email. Microsoft does this by creating special quiz rewards, emails which revolve around different subjects, and offering the recipients an opportunity to earn Microsoft rewards points. Later, those points can be redeemed for coupons, prizes, offers and more, and that’s what keeps the users engaged.

microsoft the best email marketing campaign

In addition to the main questions, there are a couple of other chances to earn the points:

microsoft the best email marketing campaign

9. GasBuddy’s Example of a Personalized Email

Personalized emails are always appreciated and they build long-lasting relationships with your subscribers. GasBuddy gives the users the insight into their driving habits and some tips on how to improve them. The subject line is ”How did your driving stack up in September” and it’s self-explanatory about what to expect from the email. There are many ways to personalize your emails, and this company offers users to look at the statistics about their driving in the past month, some tips, and a CTA button for the past trips.

gas buddy the best email marketing campaign

10. Clean & Informative Design by Canon


canon the best email marketing campaign

Canon maintains a clean and simple look by using bright colors and informative design. The red font and the green CTA are hard to be ignored and catch the attention instantly. The products are displayed on either sides of the email body, but the design stays clear.

11. Creative Holiday Email Campaign by Collin Street Bakery

The holiday season is the best shopping period of the year. If you run an eCommerce business, don’t miss the holidays to add an additional value to your customers. FREE SHIPPING is one way to do so, just as our clients Collin Street Bakery have done in their latest Cyber Monday campaign. Besides this one, holidays like Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas and Easter, etc., are perfect for letting people know about the special offers you have.

Make sure you create an effective email marketing campaign and notify your customers about the awesome deals with the right emails.

essence of email the best email marketing campaign

Do You Feel Inspired Yet?

These are some of our favorites! We hope you got some inspiring ideas on how to create excellent emails. There are a lot of elements to be included, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Choose wisely depending on your targets and goals, but keep these things in mind:

● In most cases – the simpler, the better, or at least keep the design clean and readable
● Don’t be afraid to mix more elements – just keep your point and stay relevant
● Creating a sense of urgency is an instant technique for customer conversion
● Offer problems & solutions your audience will find helpful
● Your emails could use some fun, like quizzes or other rewarding interactive content
● Engage your audience with personalized emails
● Don’t forget to add a meaningful call-to-action button

Join our newsletter if you would like to improve your email marketing with other great stories like this one. If you would like to learn about the potential of your business’s email marketing strategy, book a free call with us!

Monika is a millennial with an entrepreneurial heart. She joined Essence of Email as a Marketing Associate after 2 years of experience in the field. As an e-business graduate, she is totally digital, except when she’s playing a game of basketball or going for a hike.

20 Nov 2018
person on laptop

Will Email Be a Relevant Marketing Channel in 2019?

Have you ever thought that all the new channels & tactics will replace the good old email? The answer to both of your questions is no and no! Here you can find out about the importance of email marketing and why it will remain one of the top-performing marketing channels in 2019.

The Importance of Email

The approximate number of email users in 2018 is 3.8 billion and by the end of 2022 it’s expected to grow over 4.2 billion.  This means that more than a half of the worldwide population is using email, which makes it the most omnipresent and universal form of virtual communication.

We use our email for everything! Registering any account on the Internet requires having an email address. This gives a huge opportunity for businesses to reach a great number of the target audience and use email marketing methods to engage and retain lifetime customers.

Therefore, to build valuable relationships while promoting your products, increase your brand awareness, and share customer-engaging content, keep email marketing at the top of your next year’s strategy. 

Here’s why email marketing will continue to deliver exceptional results in 2019, too.

1. Inexpensive Tool with High ROI Rate

Email marketing is a cost-effective tool no matter how big your marketing budget is. Even though you will probably need to hire someone to do the marketing campaign for you, those costs are significantly lower than buying an ad space or implementing some traditional marketing methods.

Besides the advantage of the relatively low expenses, email marketing generates a high ROI. The average ROI is 3,800% which is $38 for every $1 spent on email marketing. Incorporating strategies like segmentation and personalization helps delivering better results.

2. Easy to Increase Response Rates with Personalized Content

Digital consumers prefer personalized offers instead of just being offered ads for the same products as everyone else. Email hyper personalization is expected to become a necessity. People are most likely to respond to an email compatible with their needs and preferences.

An email marketing channel is the right one when it comes to getting personal with your audience. Use the data you’ve collected from your subscribers’ online behavior, interests, or past purchases to create tailored and relevant emails that are hard to be ignored. Personalizing through email will certainly boost your click through and open rates.

3. Email Remains Effective for Reaching Mobile Consumers

The number of mobile phone users is expected to exceed five billion through the next year. Approximately 70% of emails are opened from smartphones or tablets. This means that if you’re trying to keep up with the competition – mobile responsiveness is a must. It is also a great asset to encourage engagement and conversion, considering your target audience is so easy to be reached.

Despite this, there are still companies who fail to optimize their content for efficient mobile use. Make sure that your emails will provide full functionality on all platforms besides the desktop. Not all marketing strategies are suitable for mobile phones, so consider email as a top choice for reaching your customers.

4. Email Automation Saves Precious Time

Email automation is a process of sending emails automatically by your email service provider, as a result of your subscriber’s actions on your site. You give instructions about when and what email is to be sent by responding to triggers and workflows.

For example, welcoming new users, sending special offers to customers who were looking at a particular product, reminders to customers who left an item in their cart, sending confirmation for completed services, etc.

Email automation is way more effective than creating and sending emails by yourself in the estimated time. Automation does not only improve your campaigns’ relevance, but it also helps in saving money and lots of time.

5. Interactive Content Engages Your Customers

Interactive marketing content will have a higher response rate in the following years. Email marketing offers opportunity to deliver interactive content at significantly lower costs than the other marketing channels. Instead of directly leading your customers to your landing page, you can apply different types of interactivity to allure the viewer’s attention in interacting within your email. Swiping, tapping, email carousels, videos and plenty of other stuff, keeps your viewers engaged and interested, which results in a higher click-through rate (CTR).

interactive content

Another effective strategy you can use in your interactive campaigns is to integrate other channels into your email content. According to some researches, by placing a simple social sharing button in your interactive emails increases the CTR 202%.

Engaging customers becomes more and more difficult. With email marketing you can personalize their entertainment by interactive content that successfully catches their attention. Afterwards, giving them opportunities to share their excitement on their social media platforms makes a great technique for spreading brand awareness.

6. Easy to Track and Measure

Measuring the results is essential when conducting any type of marketing. With email marketing analytics, you can easily measure your efforts and you can quickly act accordingly. The analytics gives you powerful asset to observe your viewers’ in-mail behavior. You can determine which users opened the email and which unsubscribed, what links they clicked on and if they made a conversion by taking the desired action. The gathered data from your tracking and measurements is significant for creating new strategies and improving the existing ones.

By using the proper email software you may also perform A/B testing. This provides you with valuable data about which elements of your email bring out the best results. For example, testing different offers to address the one that engages most customers. This is another reason why email marketing continues to be exceptional.

Don’t Underestimate the Longevity of Email Marketing

The first promotional email which was sent in 1978. resulted in unbelievable $13 million worth in sales. Since then, the advantages and possibilities of the email marketing channel haven’t stopped growing. It continues to deliver exceptional results when it comes to building customer relationships, engagement, conversion, and retention. Knowing the importance of this channel, businesses must consider email marketing as an essential strategy to survive in the competitive digital world.

So, now that you figured out why email marketing is still worth taking seriously in 2019, it’s time to build your own strategy and grow your email list.

If you need a hand in creating a seriously good email marketing campaign, book the first free slot to have a talk with us!

Monika is a millennial with an entrepreneurial heart. She joined Essence of Email as a Marketing Associate after 2 years of experience in the field. As an e-business graduate, she is totally digital, except when she’s playing a game of basketball or going for a hike.

13 Nov 2018
email personalization

5 Email Personalization Tips to Increase Customer Engagement

As subscribers get fatigued by the increasing volume of emails in their inbox, email personalization is no longer a choice for your marketing emails. Nowadays, customers are expecting relevant, tailored, and useful email marketing which leads to a strong long-term relationship with brands. Here are our top 5 email personalization tips to increase customer engagement.

1. Start by Using Customer’s First Name

This is the first step of personalization. We like it when someone addresses us by our name because we feel valued.

While the exact syntax varies, most Email Service Providers (ESPs) allow you to automatically show a subscriber’s first name. You can use the first name field in several places in your emails:

As a part of the intro in the email, such as “Hello FIRSTNAME! We’ve missed you!”
In the email recipient TO: field, such as “TO: Jess <[email protected]>”
Or including the subscriber’s first name in the subject line.

Using the first name and personalized subject line is not enough. It should be a starting point, but it is important to incorporate the succeeding methods as well.

2. Use Dynamic Content for Effective Personalization

Nowadays, subscribers have low tolerance for irrelevant emails in their inboxes. If you keep sending them emails with products they are not interested in, you risk losing a perfect lead.

Dynamic content is a type of content that helps companies send different emails according to the interests or the past behavior of the clients. It also helps companies save time by sending relevant emails at once to their subscribers.

For example, a global brand could offer promoted products in the nearest local shop to the subscriber’s location. A brand that offers clothes could have images and text that change depending on the subscriber’s gender – emails with different content will be sent to men and women.

As your customers learn that your emails are always relevant to them, your click-through rate and ROI will improve and increase.

3. Recommend Products Your Customers Will Love

It would be great if customers bought anything we recommend to them. But, in reality, they only buy recommended products that are similar to previously purchased ones, or relevant to their preferences.

With the help of ESPs you can integrate recent purchases or the browsing history of your customers into your email marketing. By increasing the relevance of your emails, you will see your sales up-scale.

Here is a good visual example of recommended products:

recommended products

4. Personalize Cart Abandonment Emails

People lose $4 trillion of revenue every year through cart abandonment. The good news is that you can recapture 65% of the customers that left the shopping cart within 24 hours, and the emails sent within only 60 minutes since cart abandonment have the highest open rate of 40%.

By personalizing your cart abandonment emails your customers receive the most relevant content and experience.  There can be different issues that caused the customer to abandon their shopping cart. Offer a discount on the items in the cart, offer free shipping, or suggest helping them with the process. 

This way you will optimize the message to the highest effectiveness, and motivate your customers to recover their carts (your lost sales). 

5. Generate Creative Personalized Re-Engagement Emails

It is your duty to identify the inactive subscribers and then remind them how great you are in a brief and effective way. Here is your chance to deliver relevant content, accompanied with a personalized offer/incentive to inspire them to re-engage with your brand. Personalized re-engagement emails increase customer retention and it certainly outstrips the basic engaging messages. Therefore, pick attractive subject lines and send captivating content with a CTA button, and lead your subscribers to an action again.

Here are several companies that nailed at re-engagement emails:

Re-Engagement Emails

Re-Engagement Emails

Re-Engagement Emails

Email personalization is not a new concept and it can have a tremendous impact on brand loyalty, revenue, and customer acquisition and retention. The catch is to provide a sense of personal touch with delivering exclusive relevant information that makes it hard to be ignored.

Start applying these tips today and watch your marketing efforts begin to flourish. If you need help, schedule a free call with us!

Monika is a millennial with an entrepreneurial heart. She joined Essence of Email as a Marketing Associate after 2 years of experience in the field. As an e-business graduate, she is totally digital, except when she’s playing a game of basketball or going for a hike.

07 Nov 2018

7 Creative And Proven Ways To Grow Your Email List

One of the key ways to improve your email marketing is to grow your email list quickly and intelligently (hint: don’t buy email lists). Here are 7 effective ways to grow your email subscribers list.

1. Checkout Email Capture

The best way to build a base for your email list is to make sure you are capturing emails from your new customers during the checkout process. You should have an opt-in checkbox so that they can subscribe to your marketing emails.

Keep in mind that the laws for what is acceptable vary by country. Having a pre-checked opt-in box for maximum emails captured is what we recommend (if your country allows it).

2. Pop-Up Website Overlay Form

Another fantastic way to grow your email list is to implement a pop-up website overlay form. The optimal incentive to use varies, but we’ve found that a straight discount off the first order (% or $ off) works best to capture email addresses.

To make sure you are not overexposing your visitors to the popup, we recommend utilizing a set of logic conditions. Many third-party software companies can handle this, such as JustUno, Privy, SumoMe, etc. A sample set of conditions:

• New Visitors Only AND
• Time on Page > 45 seconds AND
• Visited at Least 3 Pages AND
• Had Exit Intent

Desktop popup

3. Sweepstakes or Virtual Giveaways

Giving the prospects a chance to win a prize has proved to be a great way of increasing the number of sign ups. Facebook and Instagram are a good place to effectively run sweepstakes, such as contests and giveaways. We recommend you partner up with some other company with which you can join forces to create fascinating prize packages that will be truly worth leaving your email.
As the campaign ends, it is important to prevent yourself from the post-contest unsubscribes. Do this by showing them the value they’ll provide from remaining subscribed.

4. Try Locking Your Content

It simply means that you’re blocking part of the content until a user subscribes. In order to do this, first check your Google Analytics to see which are the most visited blog posts and then use the gated content marketing method on the most popular or relevant articles for the visitors. This is a useful technique if you’re providing important content which gives value, and users will be obligated to subscribe.

5. Content Incentive

Another popular way to garner email signups is by using a piece of content as an incentive to sign up. These could include an eBook, video series, inside information, etc. The key is to make sure the ROI on these prospects is positive, since someone interested in information isn’t necessarily an actual customer of your product.

Content Incentive

6. Discount Coupons in Exchange For a Subscription

If your website includes some type of e-commerce, you can offer a discount voucher for their first purchase. A coupon code sent to their email address given for the subscription is how it is usually done. This is a great way to grow your email list, but you have to make sure you’re prepared to retain the gained users afterwards.

7. Live Events

If you run any sort of live events, such as trade shows or pop-up shops, you should consider capturing people’s email addresses when they stop by your booth. Remember to follow up with them shortly after the event, so they don’t forget about signing up.

These are the examples of things that you can start doing even today. The key is to make a strategy that will help you collect emails from few different channels.
As you grow your email list, you will be able to take your potential customers through the funnel and turn them from subscribers into sales-ready leads.

If you want to learn more about email marketing and turn subscribers into customers, subscribe to our newsletter or schedule a free consultation with us.